Courtenay/Miracle beach fishing help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Fisherf, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Fisherf

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    so tomorrow i am going up to courtney for three nights to do day hiking and we are stopping at miracle beach on the way. i am bringing a spinning rod and fly rod. i can pick up some flies at the local tackle shop in courtenay if there are any specific ones that have been working. i heard there was good fishing off miracle beach last year, but i think a bit later in the year.
    is there any decent fishing in any lakes rivers or the ocean right now? i was hoping to river fish, but i am not opposed to lake fishing or ocean fishing.

    thanks alot!!!!!!!!! fisherf
  2. CVmike

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    Mouth of the oyster usually produces some cutties. Two-three weeks early for pinks. If you make it as far as campbell river, it would be worth it to try the peir. Some nice springs get caught off it every year.
  3. Big Green Machine

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  4. Fisherf

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    thank you big green machine and CVmike. i think i might trie to get up to CR later in the trip.

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