Campbell River Reports 2014

Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by RiverBoy, May 17, 2014.

  1. Barnacle Bill

    Barnacle Bill Active Member

    Good for you Crabby! BTW, need more posts from you, maybe
    a fishing report or 2? :). ....BB
  2. islandfisher1

    islandfisher1 Member

    hey guys a little off topic but im thinking of coming up that way in the near future and never launched there,my question is where is the closest ramp to the hump area? a launch with a dock if possible,Ive only got a 16 footer with a 50 horse,thanks and see you up there shortly
  3. gorillaboy

    gorillaboy Member

    island fisher, the launch your looking for is in Discovery Harbour Marina. its a pay launch 10$, and has a dock as well. there is a free launch across from the Husky gas station, but there is limited parking and no dock. its closer to the hump but is a bit tough to use with less than a 5 ft tide. PM me when your coming up and ill look at the tides for that day and point you in the right direction.

    gorilla boy
  4. islandfisher1

    islandfisher1 Member

    hey thanks for the info,I will pm you soon,were thinking Friday if the weather holds up with not to much wind
  5. Steelhead S2

    Steelhead S2 Active Member

    Hi all. Any reports coming down from Browns Bay yet? Thinking of taking gramps up there this weekend for his 84th. If it's dry, I'll fish the cans.
  6. capt. crunch

    capt. crunch Member

    Fishing was good today, till we got blown off the water. Couple nice Chinooks and a bunch of Coho on top of the Hump.
  7. Fisherboy12

    Fisherboy12 Member

    Heard of a 40 caught in Deepwater by one of the Painters guides this morning...
  8. smokem

    smokem New Member

    hey steelhead,
    took guests to browns bay last weekend and no fish, no hits.quite a few boats but didn't see anyone netting fish.Reports out there have been spotty.good days and bad days.more consistent at the hump and green can.Doing really well at 210 ft with blue meanies.
    good luck and happy 84th to grandpa.
  9. smokem

    smokem New Member

    how to catch halibut at the hump right now? what's working? trolling or jigging? Any info would be helpful please so i don't go out and waste my time.
  10. ThreePer

    ThreePer Member

    So you "don't go out and waste your time."? It's called fishing not catching... Lighten up and give it a try.

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  11. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Trolling, jigging, they both work, but getting out on the water is never a waste of time, go for it!
  12. Steelhead S2

    Steelhead S2 Active Member

    Thanks Smokem! Weather permitting, we'll hit it in the morning.
  13. Steelhead S2

    Steelhead S2 Active Member

    Wet day on the water yesterday! Fished the Hump in the morning, and it poured. But he fishing was good. Two decent springs and a hatch ho in about half an hour. Bite slowed down and we picked a couple more shakers. Then I managed a major tangle (I really don't like the Hump sometimes), which cost me a flasher. Got it sorted out, and promptly broke a rod as a result of stupidity. Oh well, take the good with the bad. That was enough for us, so called it early and back to the ramp by 11.

    Fishing was straightforward: find the feed and you find the fish. Green spatter-back.
  14. capt. crunch

    capt. crunch Member

    Lots of bait out there in spots. You can see it dragging the ball through and lots of phantom unclippings. That and the screen goes black. :D
  15. SeaWolf

    SeaWolf Active Member

    First day on the Hump in a long while. Lost 1 that rocketed to the surface from 200 ft, threw back two small ones and kept a good teenager. Downrigger braid broke at 75 ft down, not sure why appears to be in great shape, no boats near enough to cross with. Guess that is just life on the hump. A bit snotty out there with a westerly that veered to a north wind. Looked great from shore driving home though. Lots of boats and nets out through the morning.
  16. Island Fish Lifter

    Island Fish Lifter Active Member

    hard to target halis on the hump. I got lucky a couple years back in april, anchored up and got one about 70lbs. I think you have to anchor up there with the current but you cannot do it with a bunch of boats there for obvious reasons. If you have to ask what the reasons are then you shouldn't be out there.
  17. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    If you drop an anchor one thing you may catch is a bunch of new tackle from guys who don't know better and go around you. Some people believe they own the water and may be upset. But others may join you and drop anchor as well.

    Good Luck,
  18. any reports on action up in the Johnston Strait....Browns, Greensea, Denham?
  19. SeaWolf

    SeaWolf Active Member

    Guessing it has been very wiiiiiiiiinnnnndy Gale Warning for JS last few days, lots of boats staying south and catching fish. Denham and Bute reports usually pretty scarce.
  20. Steelhead S2

    Steelhead S2 Active Member

    Rough on the south end last night. Banged around for an hour or so. Didn't find the bait, and no fish. Trolled back to the ramp (ken ford) and hit two n the middle. 56' on the rigger. One nice ho and a shaker spring. Green plastic.

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