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    Checked it out today.. the original hull oilcanned from lack of framing on the inside. The original hull was also thin and coroded. They fixed it by welding new plate on the outside, but leaving the old stuff underneath. To properly fix it, you would have to cut out everything below the waterline and replate it. Be a hell of a boat if you put that work into it. But its a massive undertaking.
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    The photos did look interesting, and I was thinking same as you. Seemed odd that floor was all ripped up like that. I figured it had some real issues. To bad.
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    The floor looks pretty normal to me. I think it's just the shadow from the rear curtain. The floors on the Chinooks are just vinyl covered wood which look pretty easy to replace when it rots. The bottom is a little ugly based on the photos, but could easily be fixed. I'm surprised the owner decided not to address the bottom before putting it for sale. When I see something like that, it just screams, I don't care.
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    Lots of nice fishing boats up for sale. This is pretty sad.
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    Lots of boats with BIG gas engines for sale too. I wince when I fuel up with my 135hp. Can't imagine what these guys with 8L Crusader engines feel like when they foot the bill for a day on the water. Frankly it takes a bit of the fun out of boating when you swipe your credit card for $400.
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    Indeed. It’s even more painful when you pay that much and can’t even put a freshie on the BBQ.
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    $400 !! Wow

    I guess the big boat boys have deep pockets so what’s another 400 bones !!

    I fished 6 hours last Saturday , limited out and topped up the fuel tank on the way home , just under $8 :rolleyes:
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    Limited out on what? Aren't salmon closed?
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    Limited out on mileage, 8 bucks doesn’t get ya to far lol, just poking fun
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    Limited out on Rainbow Trout?!?
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