Boats on Used Victoria and Other Areas


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i was hoping to trade mine in to him and drive that one back to breakers with a tiller 60.


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I think Brian is out to lunch on the price for that with no motors. There are alot of 3000 Pursuits, a few locally for sale for $50-60k over the last few years with inboards.
I agree tough sell as the US PPP money ends, even with CERB it is tough to sell engineless boats. If it surveys well, I think it would be worth making an offer on if I was big deal in Oak Bay or West Vancouver. 17k for the trailer, puts it at 90k CAD. Say you get it for 85k. Pretty amazing package compared to what a similarly equipped 30 foot Aluminum or any big brand name boat would cost new. Who does their pods? I'm not sure about the motor well, it looks like electrical wiring is going into the bottom of the bilge? Motor well would be an awesome place to store Tuna if you could put in a huge soft cooler similar to a fuel pouch. Put 50k CAD in power on her and you are still only at $99 USD (excluding the trailer).


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need some honest help, thinking of selling my kingfisher! call it a feeler!!
2005 , 2625 harbourcraft kingfisher, all amenities removed and cabin shortened , like a sport cabin parker but alu.
tray is almost 11'
this model is the wide version. 9'6" beam, not the new pencil ones that look bow heavy.
suspension seats for passenger and driver
jump seat behind passenger
basic electronics that work
14" standard horizon gps
garmin also up front
icon radar
hummingbird at rear helm
rear helm can control both motors
2013- fly by wire zuki 300, installed new at the end of 2015- hours 1060
20 hp tohatsu kicker
two hp downriggers
2 mr3 with rods
2 hali set ups
anchor kit
tuna whips
new diesel heat
offshore deck chair
trailer if needed, honeslty only worth 1500 to me, has no brakes as i only use it in bam
boat was re-zolatoned 2 seasons ago, great shape.
boat has one heavy scratch from the previous owner in back starboard corner. (cosmetic)


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Just for perspective, my friend got a new 2525 with triple axle tuff trailer trailer and electronics for about 160k in spring 2019. 250 and 9.9 yamahas.