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  1. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    Does anybody on here know of any good boat painters on the island? I've got a couple areas on my dark blue 26' Hourston that could use a bit of attention. Rather than fixing the problem areas im hoping to just have the hull sides resprayed . I don't care if it's a backyard guy , my only concern is that is is done correctly . Thanks for any leads.
  2. noluck

    noluck Active Member

    there is this albernie guy, i have heard off,
  3. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    Yeah that alberni Guy has nothing but spare time on his hands lol :p He would be my choice forsure. He enjoys Kokanee , free tackle and long walks on the beach
  4. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    I'll see if he bites or not. The issue I'm having locally is that the boat is 31 feet long and
    It's tough to find a shop big enough over here to spray it in.
  5. leftcoast

    leftcoast Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you talked to Pinetree? I'm pretty sure Neil did his boat at his shop and it's a 26 as well, but I could be wrong.
  6. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    Yes I did talk to Neil , he was my first choice . He mentioned he didn't think it would fit in his shop unfortunately
  7. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

    As much as I'd like to help out, I just can't. I'm a 18' silver streak and a 33' kingfisher behind and that's not including all the other miscellaneous stuff that I have to do. Doesn't Pearson Marine have a big booth?
  8. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    No worries at all, I will try Pearson marine
  9. BigReel

    BigReel Active Member

    urgels in port alberni painted my boat.
  10. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    How did it turn out?
  11. BigReel

    BigReel Active Member

    It turned out great. The previous owner had it painted in the spring and I bought it in Sept. I met the urgel guys at RPM when my boat was getting serviced. They have a good rep and do awesome work. Parksville boathouse and rpm use them for all their stuff. They are a busy shop and do a ton of boats even their google streetview has a boat in one of the bays.
  12. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    Thanks I will give them a call.

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