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    Nobody is gloating.

    49 billion of secure stock is not a drop in the bucket by the way.

    Multiply that by all the other secure investments that smart investors have invested in around the world and they are looking pretty good right now.

    Never keep all your eggs in one basket is the basic message.

    Carry on.....
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  3. Corey_lax

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    But where will all the criminals launder their money????

    Too bad for bitcoin. Glad I never got into it
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    Yeah, when it became popular is the time when I heard about it too... all I could say at then was congrats to those who got in on the ground level, but going mainstream was going to make it too volitile. When I read stories of people selling their homes to throw it all at bitcoin, all I could say was, REALLY?
    I think there’s going to be another major drop in the value now that everyone is scared and cashing out, then it might be a good time to purchase a bit of it again. But I won’t be selling my boat to buy any. The boat is the best investment I’ve made. The investment of happiness!!!
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