Best place to buy a new outboard

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  1. Fish Nutz

    Fish Nutz Member

    I live in Campbell River and am planning on buying a new outboard (50-75hp) in the spring just wondering where people have bought their motors, how the service was etc.
  2. Fish Nutz

    Fish Nutz Member

    Any make
  3. Gunsmith

    Gunsmith Well-Known Member

    Parker marine in Courtney gave me excellent service years ago and I did not purchase there.
    I am not a Yahama fan but that does not mean that it is not a good product. The plus part is the good service.:D

  4. seagal

    seagal Member

    I rebuilt an 16 ft. double eagle two years ago and powered it with an 90 hp. E-tec,and a 8hp.Yamaha kicker purchased at Parker Marine. I got a good deal on the engine and even better service. I may also add they have given me great advice when needed as I do a lot of maintenance myself.Good luck!
  5. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Breakers Marine in Port Alberni - I have been a Suzuki owner for 3 years and just putting new 225's on my Grady White 265 Express. Outstanding service and price. Suzuki's are out performing Yamahas without question...I know because my 2003 Grady has 225 Yami's with 200 hours and I'm trading them in....Service, and reliability. Yami's are good, but if you want the best you should look at Suzuki's.
  6. Its funny ever since Gord became a Suzuki dealer all around Barkley sound there are Suzuki's everywhere.

    Take only what you need.
  7. alumaman

    alumaman Active Member

    Suzuki's the only way to go IMH
  8. Sushihunter

    Sushihunter Active Member

  9. excalibur

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    I have a 9.9 Suzuki XL shaft on the back of my Searay. It was a $300. kicker 15 yrs. ago. Its one of those 100 - 1 two strokes. I just cannot believe how long that thing has run. Sometimes we remember to put oil in the tank, sometimes not....Knowing that it runs 8-12 hrs. a day for 7-10 days 4 to 5 times a yr. X 15 yrs. the low hrs. calc. would be 3360. I have tried running it on seawater a couple of times over the years but that doesn't work out that well.
    I don't know about the new ones but I would certainly recommend the old ones.
  10. from some shady looking guy at a bar?[B)]

    Take only what you need.

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