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  1. nedarb2

    nedarb2 Active Member

    well the salt fishings slowed down, the rain has begun, and im already getting excited for next season, which brings along a winter and spring of tinkering around and seeing what sort of trouble ican get into with the chariot :D
    Im planning on re-arranging my helm area (the electronics of it) to be a little more accessible and organized looking. Along with that, im going to introduce a sound system and try to updatethe look of the boat.
    Anyone care to input on my proposed plan for the back transom? Im thinking white doors though not black. Also, i was thinking of making the back a three piece construction, with the main center piece going from the outside of each of the outer doors, then putting the whole section on a hinge/arm so i can get in and access the entire transom area if i dont want to use just the doors (or have no doors and just have the center section hinged vertically).



  2. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Yup, wood grain has got to go...
    so does the fighting chair, unless you plan on Marlin
    fishing in the south pacific ;)
  3. nedarb2

    nedarb2 Active Member

    haha ive been trying to get rid of it but nobody will let me, its always the first seat taken on days out surprisingly.

  4. dohboy

    dohboy Active Member

    luv the spearkers, put a sub in there somewhere:D
  5. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    What is the material you have on the deck? Is it interlocking tiles of some kind? How do you get blood off the deck-do you have to remove it to clean the deck? If I had fish lockers in the floor how would I access them? Where do you get this stuff.

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  6. spring time

    spring time Well-Known Member

    anti slip floor tiles I got them in my boat to they are interlocking I think industrial plastics has them
  7. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Thanks springtime but do they hose off while at sea -How would you access fish holds in the floor?

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  8. highlights

    highlights Active Member

    Those interlocking floor tiles are evil. They inevitably lose their ability to stay together and the blood gathers underneath. Smells like death after a few days in the summer. Something to think about. Non skid white deck for me from now on.

    I placed my driver units equally throughout the boat. Two in the rear deck area and four in the cuddy. My subs were mounted in the cuddy in the forward birth area. She sounds like thunder! You get some crazy looks off Sooke though when she's pounding ....LOL
  9. nedarb2

    nedarb2 Active Member

    I got those tiles at janitors warehouse, and yup they certainly do leave a huge mess underneath them after a few days fishing. I may take them out this year because of that, but they do make the boat look much nicer when there in there.
    I dont have infloor lockers, but you could cut around the locker door so you can still access it

  10. TenMile

    TenMile Well-Known Member

    Like the idea of white painted doors.

    Not sure you need 4 speakers at the back -- provided that you get 2 decent speakers, I don't think you are going to get any more sound out of 4 given that they are all pointing in the same direction. If you were going to do 4 speakers, I'd do 2 up front and 2 rear.

    You also need a place for quick access to hooks, tools etc... I'd consider losing the vinyl pad at the rear deck and make some shelves for flashers, hooks, knife, weights etc...

    For your wash-down hose -- a 4" PVC pipe painted white perfectly fits the coiled hose and makes it look very neat. Could be secured under your gunnels. Put a PVC cap on the top -- keeps s**t from getting fouled in the hose.

    Consider carpet snapped onto the floor rather than those plastic tiles. I tried those as well, and they don't help keep the floor clean -- make things worse in fact.

    There are NO beer holders in your picture -- bad design [:p]

    PS: I have that same Costco 150pc tool kit thats sitting on your transom. Make sure you coat those tools with WD40 if you plan to keep them on the boat. They are made from Chinese "stainless steel" and rust like a '74 Pinto.

  11. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    I have a nice stereo system with Bose speakers but have them in a dry and secure place. Theft is an issue everywhere. Aren't they going to get sprayed with salt water, fish slim and guts back there? I have a couple pieces of a similar floor product. It offers some cushioning but does leave a black stain on the deck. It comes off easily with Vim but just another thing to do. I don't think I will use it anymore. My Seasport doesn't have a liner so just a gelcoated glass floor. A spray on product similar to a truck bed liner might work well at protecting the deck. If you could get it in the right colours.
  12. nedarb2

    nedarb2 Active Member

    thanks for the input guys, some great ideas!

    Im thinking now 2 speakers in the back, sub in the center, and two speakers up front. If that doesnt cut it i could always add more aswell, your night, no point spending all the money if i dont need to for a similar sounding system.

  13. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys for the honest input on the tiles-i was thinking of getting them as my non-slip glass floor is getting badly dinged up but obviously not the answer. The boat is looking great N2 I have been following it from the start-let us know what you decide for the floor. I personally would not put those speakers on the floor because of all the salt from your washdown and fish slime. What about under your hardtop at the sides facing towards the stern?

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  14. SeaWolf

    SeaWolf Active Member

    I installed a Clarion CMS-1 this spring in my boat. This is a black box unit so you do not need a huge hole in your dash, just a round hole for the wiring harness. It has USB, Ipod, Satellite (with $60 add-on), AM/FM. I use the USB 80 percent of the time and Satellite 20 percent. Not even sure I need the Satellite. Never added an AM/FM antenna.

    For speakers I put two small 4 Inch Fusion speakers in the Cuddy, and 6.5 JL's high in the sides right behind the seats. All the sound I would want on the water.

    Things to consider before you go too big are:
    1) Nothing is going to sound that good at speed with twin 200's, wind noise etc.
    2) Battery draw. Unless you are always charging your batteries, If you go too big, better be adding another battery or two.

    SeaWolf - the original
  15. Hoochiebob

    Hoochiebob Well-Known Member

    Revamped my transom area this year. I put in a flat door in the middle with hinges on the top, and added a folding table leg to the underside of the door.Now I've got a table for cutting bait,gutting or even cooking. Great for maximizing space
  16. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    X2, X3, and X4

    I would never use them again and I certainly would not think about using them and cutting them to use with fish boxes in the floor!

    Those interlocking tiles look great when new, but that is about were it ends! In addition to what has been mentioned when they get wet - they start slipping and there isn't nothing like leaning over the gunwales and have those things slip out from under your feet!
  17. Fish-Hunter

    Fish-Hunter Active Member

    Slippery Tiles, YIKES! If you fish the boat alone at all I would get them out of there and look at a non slip spray in or roll on liner such as has been discussed on some other threads on this site. Easier to keep clean, and SAFER! There would be few things that would be worse for a fisherman than to find a boat drifting with nobody aboard. :(
    I would yank em out power wash them up and put them in the shop or somewhere. Sound like that's what you want to do any way.

    The only things we want overboard are Fishing gear (obviously attached to the boat), and the USED BEER!:D
  18. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    For your wash-down hose -- a 4" PVC pipe painted white perfectly fits the coiled hose and makes it look very neat. Could be secured under your gunnels. Put a PVC cap on the top -- keeps s**t from getting fouled in the hose.

    Now why didnt I think of that??? Thanks !!

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