Alberni Inlet 2014

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by pop sea, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. pop sea

    pop sea Member

    It looks like the springs are starting to show up with a few being cleaned at the launch. I tried last night around Coulsons with a couple other boats but didn't have much luck. The guys that were out in the morning did much better around lone tree during tide change (8:30). Seems that most guys got theirs between 20-30 feet. I will give it a go in the morning.

  2. Kilwinning

    Kilwinning Member

    Thanks for that pop sea.
    Thinking about trying for springs on Sat
  3. Irish Coffee

    Irish Coffee New Member

    Any new reports on the inlet?
  4. pop sea

    pop sea Member

    Quite a few fish caught this morning between Coulsons and lone tree, most between 30 and 50. Bait and spoons were both working.
  5. Irish Coffee

    Irish Coffee New Member

    Thanks for the update... Going out tomorrow ,
    will let you know
  6. Irish Coffee

    Irish Coffee New Member

    Out today early till noon..slow.. One big screamer that turned and ran straight back at us under the boat and gone!
  7. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

    Very slow this morning. Fishing from 5:45-10 and only saw one fish caught
  8. fire-ex

    fire-ex Member

    Derby starting in a week what's the fishing look like?
  9. pop sea

    pop sea Member

    Just in time for the looks like the over under is not in effect before Hocking point. Lots of good fish being caught right now.

    Good luck
  10. pop sea

    pop sea Member

    With the lower river now open
    A few boats have been anchoring and tossing spoons with good success
    Also there are a lot of chum in the mac tush area
    I haven't tried for those yet

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  11. seascene

    seascene Active Member

    Coleman River

    Just spent a nice night anchored out at the Coleman River but did not see any fish in the river. However, there was an armada of seals and 2 big sea lions just offshore so something was out there. Previous days was fishing off Bamfield ... no luck and few boats. (I am on a 36' sailboat).

  12. pop sea

    pop sea Member

    Hi Seascene, I think we past you on the way in on Monday at Hocking point. We were out at Poett Nook for the weekend. Crabbing was good and prawning is starting to pick up. We fished Salmon for 2 hours on Sunday along the wall with no luck, didn't hear of much happening either

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