A few gopro shots from a day fishing off victoria

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    CBB62E9E-B9D3-407C-8FF0-AB10E1423C3C.png D75F7638-09BB-4C5B-94F7-21BE5EA83BF1.png FC66C4D5-9485-4EC0-A7FD-1C8463EFD69D.png 47D8D495-DE99-4CDF-84E3-71F2A913B41B.png Was lucky enough to get invited out on a charter out of oak bay by my friend Alexandra Scott, she brought along a couple gopro’s and a pole mount she had created.. was a wicked beautiful day out and my first time fishing in months.. Trevor from No Banana’s had us on steady action of winter springs all day with our limit by 2 pm. Had few more shots but they seem to be to large to post.. just thought i would share these winters 3.5 lbs.. can’t wait to see a huge spring underwater on one of these gopro’s . Much gratitude for her taking me out looking forward to more fishing adventures soon
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    Cool man. Thanks for posting :cool:.
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