2020 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

Discussion in '2020 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2020.

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    Post your 2020 fishing reports here!
  2. pescador

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    I got nothin. But, sure look forward to another fantastic Nootka trip this year. 6 months to go till the next trip. Half way there. Here’s hoping for lots of nice Springs in 2020 and being able to fish Bajo. Just something about Bajo you don’t get anywhere else.
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  3. walleyes

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    Yes it’s that time of year isn’t it. I find myself cruising the inter web looking and watching more salmon fishing videos than anything else, have to feed the inner callings lol.
    Sort of half ass planning a spring trip to Nootka with my sons. Hoping to do something in mid May maybe late May. More of a prawning, Hali trip than salmon but we’ll definitely look for some.
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  4. capman

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    A few questions for the group. This coming July will be my 3rd year going to Nootka with my daughter who is graduating from high school staying for 6 days. Like in the past, we'll stay at Mutch Bay Resort and usually fish the well-known spots like Camel Rock, Hoiss, Friendly Cove... This year, I have slightly a bigger boat. It's a 22' aluminum with 200 HP Yammy and a 9.9 Kicker. I like to venture out a bit further and learn new spots. If it was you, would it worth to take a ride and let's say try Esperanza? What other areas would you recommend for me to explore from where I'm staying? I keep hearing Bajo but don't even know where that is. Lastly, never had any success catching Hali, any particular area to increase my chances? Thanks so much in advance for your help.
  5. Dogbreath

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  6. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Depends. if the squid are around again i wouldn’t venture far off the beaches. Bajo and Ferrer point could be closed when you’re going too so there’s that.
    i limited on springs, lings and got a 35 lb hali nice and close to the beach. all stuffed with squid. i heard the five nations or whatever are long lining all the productive spots off shore so i do t know anymore what’s going on out there.
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  7. capman

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    Thanks for the excellent info dogbreath & River City.
  8. sharrontime2

    sharrontime2 Member

    Hey Capman
    I also have a 22ft tin boat with a "bucket" in the bow. I have logged many bar crossings on the Columbia River coming to and from the ocean. I bought this style boat for it's versatility. I anchor on the rivers for Springers, fish Puget Sound, the San Juans and the ocean for salmon. They are easy to tow and maintain and work great as a fishing platform for many species. However, they are not a true "deep water" boat like a fiberglass or larger aluminum hulls that have more displacement and self bailing decks. I can't tell you how many times I have filled the front bow area full with green water, fortunately, the large clearing ports dump the water fairly quickly, but still a concern. From my own experiences, you will have no problem fishing Bajo in that size boat or the Highway, just watch the afternoon wind and morning fog. I have radar, a decent electronic package, back up handheld gps and vhf, 2 large capacity bilge pumps and a large amount of other various safety equipment on board. You have good power with that 200 to get you back inside in a hurry if the weather starts to change and a kicker motor too for backup. Also, know and respect your personal comfort zone and the comfort zones of your guests on board when the conditions are less then perfect. I have turned around several times when crossing the bar or fishing the ocean when one of my guest is not "feeling" it. Especially at Nootka, there is plenty of good fishing on the inside waters as you well know. I grew up commercial fishing in Washington and Alaska so I am pretty comfortable being on the water but "Mother Nature" is the ultimate equalizer. By the way, my friend fishes Bajo all the time in his 18ft Hewes. Have fun, enjoy the salt and the time spent with your daughter. My son is now 28 years old and busy with his own life but his fondest memories are fishing Nootka with his family.
    See you on the salt.
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  9. capman

    capman Active Member

    Thanks so much for the excellent advice. All points are taken and I cannot agree more with what you mentioned. I'm actually getting new electronics including radar this week. I'm going to post in the boating section getting recommendations for someone to set them up for me.

    Cheers and hope to see you on the salt. Capman
  10. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    I would consider trying Port Eliza Lodge if you're going to be fishing Esperenza. Great location for good proximity to all the best spots. Here is there website https://www.portelizalodge.com/
  11. Slabbedout

    Slabbedout Active Member


    I am considering a trip up to Nootka or Esperanza with a buddy this year. We have both done Nootka trips before in a larger boat but never ventured up to Esperanza. We would just be taking a 16’ welded runabout so looking for areas that are well protected and that will maximize the opportunity to catch fish if the weather is not premium. Just curious what the camping or accommodation options are for Esperanza area and thoughts if it would be a better option than the close spots of Nootka ?

    I would think we will mostly target bottom fish but will try for salmon as well.
  12. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Another awesome one from Fishing BC. If this don’t make you want to jump in your boat right now and head out I don’t know what would.

  13. Port Eliza Fishing

    Port Eliza Fishing Well-Known Member

    AT Port Eliza in the early season, May, and the first half of June we are now offering accommodations only, you can bring your own food and use the BBQs and commercial kitchen rather than getting meals cooked for you. In May we have a special for Crew members of $150 per room per night. Its $250 per room per night June 1 to June 15th . but if you want a second room its only $50 more per night. After June 15th we start doing all inclusive meal packages as we start having guided guests, but may be able to accommodate a few bring your own food guests as well depending on how busy we are for the particular date.
  14. chromatose007

    chromatose007 Active Member

    Hey, I know that guy in the 2802!
    Didn't get invited back for this year though. Oh well...
  15. Scottyfish

    Scottyfish New Member

    Hello new member here. Have been reading tons of great info on this site all about fishing up in BC. Super helpful stuff. So thank you for that.

    What type of rod/reel set up will I need for bottom fishing? Want to target lingcod and possibly halibut. Going to be in Nootka end of July. I currently only own salmon downrigger gear. Is there a set up that would be able to fish for both lings and halibut. I might not even be able to venture too far out as I don’t have a big heavy boat that can get me out to the “better” Hali grounds way offshore. I have a 20 foot aluminum boat. So I’d be at the mercy of the weather. Sounds like going out early usually is the ticket problem is I plan on mainly targeting chinook so first light will probably be reserved for chasing salmon. But would love to get some tasty grocery bottom fish too. Sounds like if not going super far offshore there aren’t a ton of giant halibut anyways so maybe I can get away with a lighter set up that would work for both lings and Hali’s? Is that possible or a dumb idea? Any suggestions should be helpful. Stuff like rod size, length and reel capacity and line. I’m open to trolling, drifting or anchoring for them. Just trying to figure out what to buy and bring up. Want to keep it simple.
  16. Port Eliza Fishing

    Port Eliza Fishing Well-Known Member

    There is another forum already started on this topic last month with a couple of pages of posts "help with choosing my halibut gear" https://www.sportfishingbc.com/forum/index.php?threads/help-with-choosing-my-halibut-gear.65357/

    Questions about gear and many other topics very often already have multiple threads with lots of info. Use the "search forums" feature to find them, and if they don't have the info you were looking for you can add to them.
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  17. Scottyfish

    Scottyfish New Member

    Great thanks!
  18. queensalmon

    queensalmon New Member

    Didn’t know you could transport fish home like in the video!?
  19. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    If it’s processed by a registered processor it can be.
  20. Port Eliza Fishing

    Port Eliza Fishing Well-Known Member

    Yes, we have an inspector come out every year who gives us our licence. We can cut the fish up in to any sized pieces, we have to put a label on every piece of fish saying what it is, with our license number on it, and the name and fishing license number of the fisherman. We are responsible for making sure the angler is within his limits, and we don't process undersized/oversized fish. DFO will come out and do unannounced spot checks a few times per season and go through all the fish in the freezer, so we make sure we are compliant.

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