2019 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    Nice work everyone! Instead of enjoying the day at sea I finally caved into dangling my ass off the top rung of a 20' ladder redoing the trim the "pros" we paid big bucks to do it 2 years ago lol. Best deal I could cut with the admiral is Thursday...guess it's time to get some work done so we don't end up living under a bridge.
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  2. girls fish too

    girls fish too New Member

    Great day off the North Arm. On the water by 8:00 am and had three good sized chinooks by 10:00! All at 67’ green dyed anchovies. 3 hits and 3 fish. Our daughter’s first time salmon fishing and she’s hooked ( no pun intended). Fun morning!
    Quick question. We haven’t fished for Coho before, what are the new regulations regarding daily limits and wild vs hatchery. Thinking of trying tomorrow. Thanks in advance

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  3. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    Dfo website.....
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  4. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Who are you Rain City?
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  5. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    Right LOL
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  6. Trayvreller

    Trayvreller Active Member

    Out at North Arm by 11:30. Started trolling south. Quite slow for us at first, we boxed one spring and lost one in the first couple of hours. Trolled south to T10 and then hit a decent bite a bit north of T10 from 2:30 - 4:15 when we had to head in. Boxed 4 more springs and lost one more (there were 6 of us). One spring on a Pesca big gulp spoon, the rest on chovies. A few pinks and a few doggies mixed in.

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  7. Brett

    Brett Active Member

    Out at sandheads today started fishing at 645, Hit a couple pinks right away then spring and had our 3 man limit before 10. 19, 15 and 12 pound beautiful red Chinook. Had 2 more bites one nice lost near the boat and other hit and gone.
  8. Killeraye

    Killeraye Active Member

    We’re allowed 2 hatchery coho per day in most areas but I recommend you download the Fishing BC app and check for sure although it’s not always up to date even though the DFO guys on the water use it from my experience. (I once had to correct them with the DFO bulletin reports!)
    I haven’t heard of many coho being caught in this Fraser mouth mix but I guess they must be out there. Should be taking the white hootchies. South Bowen or the West Van shore might be the best place to target them. I’m not sure
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  9. Kfishr

    Kfishr New Member

    Fished from 330pm on. Trolled Northwest of light house. Few pinks. Headed South towards green can. Seen fish been caught around us. Drop ball down to 65 to 75 ft. In 200 ft of water. Around 5pm. Bite came on. Hit double on pink hootchie and green anchovy. Lost one hit 3 more in next 40 mins. 14 to 16 lbs. Green anchovies.
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  10. AndrewH

    AndrewH Well-Known Member

    D89DF2E1-7719-480E-9305-6BADDB8D19FA.jpeg 3138E6B1-AB71-4CA7-B8B6-854A6C31A598.png GREAT day!!!!

    350ft of water and 50/70’ on riggers with chovies. Chaos on the boat with 2 double headers in 10 min. Fighting fish and tripping over the ones just landed. 15, 20, 20 and 23lbs on the scale.
  11. Tinny

    Tinny Well-Known Member

    Wow. If you can get out there. This fishery is beyond words. Evening fish at North Arm away from pack started at 4:00. For fun put a chovie on one side and white hootchi other side. Both at exactly 50’ Three hits on each side translated into 4 fish in the boat. Done in 50 minutes. Gotta get a bigger freezer.
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  12. ronin2024

    ronin2024 Member

    2 spring and 2 pinks in the boat missed 6 more due to newbie 12 lbs and 15 lbs spring. T10 fishing 30 - 47 ft green anchovies. Lots of boats lots of fun.
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  13. BCRingo

    BCRingo Well-Known Member

    I think we were right behind you guys when you managed to land the manual downrigger and the ball. :D
    Took me a while for me to realize it was from the other boat. There was a brief tangle between that boat and the derby weightmasters and I think the guy took off in a panic in the middle of the shitshow. Anyway, good on you for the offer to return the rigger.
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  14. seatosky

    seatosky Well-Known Member

    Gong show of pinks - 2 triple headers. 2 springs in the box. Burning through bait.

    Bait 40-70’, 250’ off North arm-ish.
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  15. G-Auto

    G-Auto Member

    4 pinks on board so far. No springs yet.
  16. Chasin' Dreams

    Chasin' Dreams Well-Known Member

    Are you fishing out deeper or inside shallower? Yesterday from my buddy's report fishing out a deeper they were getting lot's of Pinks while we were way inside (no where near the packs of boats) fishing the shallows and caught lot's of Springs and only one Pink. Even when we took off the bait and went to lures the Pinks usually hammer we still kept getting Springs so maybe the Pinks are holding/traveling more out in the deep. Can be changing daily though so...
  17. Gator

    Gator Well-Known Member

    Then it must have been you laughing your head off. Felt bad for those guys so desperate for a clip. When he got close enough I tossed him one but instead of steering the boat he goes to pick it up thus hitting our side. It sheared off then. One for the books eh!
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  18. Teja

    Teja Well-Known Member

    That is also what we experienced on last night’s flood tide. We took some “non-fisher” friends out for a quick 2 hour fish between T10 and the North Arm and started a little deeper off the T10 and saw some pretty thick schools on the screen and we figured they were pinks (also wondered if some sockeye were starting to move in) so we move in to shallower waters and pretty quickly hit 8 springs between 10lb and 20lb, releasing 4 and keeping 4 to call it a night. Such a great time for people to learn how to play a salmon.
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  19. Tockeyetalmon

    Tockeyetalmon Active Member

    Scratched out our 5 man limit yesterday 18-13#. Bit busy while the derby was going on flattened out and got quieter after 4. Guy rolled up to us and asked how many? We said 4! He said wow how deep r u guys? We told him 60ft working best. He instantly stands up and put his rigger deeper. 5 minutes later we trolled back past him as he landed a 20#er. Screams out 61ft dude!!! He was screaming and yelling stoked as ****. Clearly his first big salmon. Pretty cool to see that.
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  20. seatosky

    seatosky Well-Known Member

    Ended up packing it in after 3 hours. Could’ve had a 2 man pink limit, returned them to the drink. The Chinook bite died off for us around 9am.
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