2019 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    Well wtf I'm literally tightening down the last turn on the fuel water seperator and my fishing buddy calls and says game over.

    It's odd to me I would have thought such a closure would happen later in the season so fish can get into the rivers.

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  2. Teja

    Teja Well-Known Member

    Why would they issue a notice on April 16 confirming non retention effective April 1 ... are we to cough up the fish that we have caught since April 1; should we take from it that we were given a couple weeks of fishing opportunity; are we to take from it that they have been sitting on this for a few weeks; are we to take from it that they don't know how to read/proofread their own notices; etc.
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  3. SaltyAlice

    SaltyAlice Well-Known Member

    What is the legal standard for regulations to be considered in force? DFO has shared a press release but if the regulations website or app have not updated then are the restrictions in force? I expect they need to have one single source of truth that serves as notice for license holders? Aka.... are things technically closed yet according to the regs?
  4. Matthias

    Matthias Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Would like to understand the same
  5. hippaisland

    hippaisland Well-Known Member

    This part about non retention as of April 1 makes ZERO sense to me.
  6. SaltyAlice

    SaltyAlice Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the DFO treats regulations like the Vogons in Hitchhiker’s when they announce the earth is going to be destroyed.
    ‘There’s no point acting all surprised about it. All the planning charts and demolition orders have been on display in your local planning
    department in Alpha Centauri for fifty of your Earth years, so you’ve had plenty of time to lodge any formal complaint and it’s far too late to start making a fuss about it now.’
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  7. Trophy79

    Trophy79 Active Member

    Can someone clarify if Non-Retention means we cannot fish for Chinook at all; or does this mean it’s just catch and release? At this time of year we basically only have Chinook to target, so if we cannot catch Chinook, then that would mean that we cannot be trolling at all...I’m in the same boat as as ab1572, just launched the boat yesterday and was preparing for a good trip this long weekend...anyhow if anyone can clarify, that would be great...also unsure of closure up the sounds...following link doesn’t specify...

  8. mikeyman

    mikeyman Active Member

    So if there is a ban on all chinook retention. Why was a commercial herring fishery permitted? I could support this shut down if nobody fished. Even if there is a ban on netting the Fraser you can bet there will be gill nets out probably even today up to mid July. All or none.
  9. mikeyman

    mikeyman Active Member

    "Very limited ceremonial fishing" means net the shit out of it and kill everything extra that other groups did not catch. Nothing is gained just more fish taken for another group. When I see it I will believe it. Political suicide to take away a "fundemental tribal right". Dont get me wrong I am not attacking any one interest group. All need to agree to not fish if this will have any future impact.
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  10. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    I'm reading it as catch and release until I see regs that specifically state that all sport fishing in our waters is closed.

    Perhaps it's me but I always find the regs are always poorly written and I bet a skilled litigator could have a field day testing these in court.

    I am interested in how the act is written. Is it that all regions are closed and the regs are exclusions to permit fishing? Dad always said laws are rubbery at best...
  11. Dclayton

    Dclayton Active Member

    I haven't seen a fishery notice and on DFOs website it says a limit of 2 a day for area 29.......and that was updated at 13:55 today. If I don't see anything posted tomorrow I am fishing.
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  12. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

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  13. Revenge

    Revenge Well-Known Member

    or call 604-775 -6333
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  14. Viking

    Viking Well-Known Member

    So clipped fish can still be bonked? Is this wild chinook only? I'm lost. Nothing on dfo site yet???
  15. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    We're closed as soon as the announcement comes out! Get out and fish today!
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  16. Revenge

    Revenge Well-Known Member

    All retention of Chinook clipped or not!
  17. reeltordarius

    reeltordarius Well-Known Member

    I guess for the next few months this will be a "non-reports" thread.....never thought I'd be so sad.....feels like someone died...
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  18. capt hook

    capt hook Well-Known Member

    a pod of hungry transients went thru Vancouver yesterday.
    and there are thousands of American refugee Sea Lions in the gulf that are hungry and starving.
    This is just the beginning. When we elect snowflake lefty in Ottawa and Greenies in BC....this is what we harvest.
    Wait until FALL when they come in with the full closure of Crab and Prawns. They want to copy the Maritimes policy.
    And darn , i was gonna hold a BIG garage sale at my False Creek fishermens wharf locker and unload 1000 plugs and 2000 spoons and piles of other stuff. like 500 charts. Wanna open a museum?
  19. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    There's no Chinook around and we need to close it! 2 minutes down with the lines of the at the Hump and we are already into 2 Chinook! 20190417_092319_resized.jpg
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  20. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

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