2019 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. the butcher

    the butcher Well-Known Member

    Very quiet. Not marking fish. Hooked up on a large chinook 10 mins in at 25feet but my line snapped. No other hits from chinooks. Been out since 1030. 2 pinks. Chop definately kicking up.
  2. Dclayton

    Dclayton Active Member

    Finished now with 3 chinook and 5 pinks. Depth was all over but the springs were 88, 67 and while setting the gear so about 20.
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  3. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Yup. Getting sloppy now. Southerly 10 knots. Some caps. Just lost a nice spring. There’s a few here. You gotta work it. Trolling back to t10.
  4. PJL

    PJL New Member

    Anyone tried working the Cap mouth? Have the big whites started to show up yet? I might get out that far for a couple of hours this week if the winds are still up.
  5. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    There was a half dozen boats out there yesterday afternoon. I marked a bunch of nice looking arches yesterday morning but no takers. They will be showing up soon I figure.
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  6. PJL

    PJL New Member

    Thanks! I'll post again if I can free up some time to get out there.
  7. slaydown

    slaydown Active Member

    Fishing the harbour for last few hours, one coho release. No springs yet and haven't seen anything. Choppy but fishable.
  8. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    I tried the Cap for an hour two nights ago, and no bites, nor did I see any nets out. Did see a big seal eating a ~15lb spring at the surface so .. the fish must be there!
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  9. Reeltime

    Reeltime Well-Known Member

    Coho's should be rolling in heavy from my log book and this rain, one of my favourite fish to catch and play fast troll with hoochies
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  10. Totally unexpected

    Totally unexpected Active Member

    Yes it seems to me about this time last year we all out combat fishing at the Cap...glad i mounted a mini cannon on the bow of Unexpected last year lmao!!!!
  11. Totally unexpected

    Totally unexpected Active Member

  12. Totally unexpected

    Totally unexpected Active Member

    Any reports today?
  13. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    I had someone else drive me over the LGB last week so for a change got to have a good look at the 'action' there was none only two distant boats down by fisheries this was on a flood tide too.
  14. Cabezon1

    Cabezon1 Active Member

    Light wind but raining hard. No fish and didn’t see any other nets out yet. Been here since 11:30.
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  15. el.Pereh

    el.Pereh Well-Known Member

    Second hand but I heard Bell and NA were working yesterday PM and there also was a nice bite on at the cap around 5pm
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  16. Cabezon1

    Cabezon1 Active Member

    It was raining hard this afternoon around SH but we stuck it out and got rewarded, twice! Rigger at 62 in 500 feet of water.

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  17. Big Nose

    Big Nose Member

    Hi folks, I am a new member and trying this to see if it works properly.
  18. Big Nose

    Big Nose Member

    wanted to get out to SH today, watched the marine report and decided not to head out. Will wait until Sunday morning. Hopefully the wind dies down and catch some fish out there. Will report back.
  19. wishiniwasfishin1

    wishiniwasfishin1 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Big Nose!
    If you are asking if your post worked, yes it did.
  20. Paravoffka

    Paravoffka Active Member

    Hi guys, this is my first sucessful fishing season in saltwater. Quit job amd made about 20 trips to SH this Aug, just couple days no fish. First time I got saltwater fishing charter in 2016, we went to SH. It was October and we got 1 chum and 3 nice springs.
    Disclamer - no I didn't get all fish for myself this August, was bringing friends and family members.
    I'm wondering until which time of year SH will be working?
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