2019 Port Renfrew Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Hookedup

    Hookedup Member

    Thanks for the tip. Appreciate it!
  2. brutus

    brutus Well-Known Member

    Out front of the bay, around the can is always good, you dont have to go to far out, last time out i did good from 100 fow to 350 fow in the top 50 feet , wind is down this morning so far, hope it stays that way
  3. brutus

    brutus Well-Known Member

    Have to work for fish, sloppy to boot, as of 4-30 pm the leader is 8.7 lbs, some bigger wilds around but hatch are small and rare, a big 0 for me today, the winner is still in the water me thinks
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  4. brutus

    brutus Well-Known Member

    Winner was under 10 lbs, slow fishing for sure, weather blew up around noon got lumpy as hell, called it a season, boat is on the trailer, closing for the season in the Am, till next year tight lines.
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  5. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Brutus
    Much appreciated.
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  6. Ned

    Ned Member

    We went out of Renfrew Marina for one last kick at the cat. Fished Thursday and Friday morning with very little to show for our efforts. In fact, nothing. Beautiful mornings in the bay, a bit choppy outside.

    Done for another year, moving on to winter fishing off Sidney.
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  7. MadJigga

    MadJigga Crew Member

    Where do you like to fish Sidney in the winter?
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