2018 Campbell River Reports

Discussion in '2018 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Kemo Sabe

    Kemo Sabe New Member

    One more kick at the can tomorrow, north south somewheres in between? Thanks in advance
  2. Barnacle Bill

    Barnacle Bill Well-Known Member

    Marine forecast for Saturday is not good for Campbell River, however north looks much better.
    Gill Netters finish tomorrow also in Deep Water bay. Maybe some Coho and sockeye left.
    Good luck ......BB
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  3. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Gillnetters were out in full force up north today. Nets strung all across the strait. they were in the way of a container barge making for some “ salty “ dialogue on the radio. Had to release arguably the largest wild coho of my life at Separation Head, followed by another around 10 lbs or so and then a whole lot of nothing. Personally i would go to the green can
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  4. wolf 1

    wolf 1 Member

    has any body been up to browns bay today just wondering if there are a few sockeye still showing up thanks
  5. Kemo Sabe

    Kemo Sabe New Member

    I was going to go this morning, but saw how hard the rain was coming down so I just rolled over and went back to bed. I had a friend rowing this morning in the tyee pool, looked like drowned rats when they came ashore lol
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  6. wolf 1

    wolf 1 Member

    maybe the whether will be better tommorow
  7. wolf 1

    wolf 1 Member

    the whether was worse and the action was the same this morning at browns
  8. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Good afternoon everyone....
    I am trying to plan my fishing trips for next year.. .come from Alberta so need to plan in advance.
    I have a couple planned... but wanted to add Campbell River to the mix for 2019.
    So.... any ideas from anyone as to the typical fishing activity in June?
    Looking forward to your replies!
    Thanks all!
  9. Salmon Point and Pacific Playgrounds are nice resorts to stay at and have marinas. Good fishing off Quadra Island. From Alberta also and headed out in August for 3 weeks.
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  10. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Cool.... thanks for the heads up... will start my research and add these resorts to the list...
  11. Waterwolf2230 would be a good person to talk to about fishing in the area. He's out there more often than I am. Was a blast this summer tho, there were tons of Coho around in early July along with Springs.
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  12. littlechucky

    littlechucky Well-Known Member

    As others have said, most of the local fishing at that time takes place at the south end of quadra.

    Lots of current to contend with and generally you will be fishing deep and close to bottom....so I suggest 18-20 lb cannonballs.

    Most people fishing big plugs (6”, 6” tubbys and 7”) or flasher / hoochie. If the dogfish are not around bait will work as well.

    Map below has the general areas:

    Orange: Green Can to Fransico Pt. Fishing off the ledge. Generall 120-200 on the rigger, but can be shallower up onto the shoal, especially if the bait is there (early morning and evening).

    Red: Red Can to Green Can. Pick a contour and follow along until you find the bait. I’ve caught fish at 100 ft on the rigger to 300+.

    Green: the hump. Lots of current. Fairly forgiving bottom. Usually fishing down 180+. Bottom dwellers to be found there as well.

    Blue: lighthouse. Most fish a drift from the hump to the lighthouse on the ebb.

    The guys at Tyee Marine and River Sportsman can give you the latest as well. Many other spots further afield if you want to explore.

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  13. Oly1

    Oly1 Well-Known Member

    Pacific Playgrounds is a great place. They also have a very well stocked tackle shop with lots of local knowledge. As others have said @Waterwolf2230 would be a great person to ask. He has lots of knowledge of the area and a pretty nice boat to boot.

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  14. Trophy21

    Trophy21 Crew Member

    Finally got out today to drag my favourite skinny g and green glow flasher around. I hooked into 4 Chinook just under so back they went. All on the quadra hump, saw about six boats at shelter. Nothing there for my one pass. It was the first trial of my autopilot and wow! Game changer! No more fighting the wind and tide! Just sit back have a sandwich at wait for the rod to bump bump...
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  15. Gong Show

    Gong Show Well-Known Member

    Just back from a great day on the water. Soaked the prawn traps over Cortes way and picked up a couple of nice red winter springs off the bell bouy. Both fish 69 cm. Lots of action. Limits on prawns with good size and few berries.
    Time to feast!

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