2018 Bamfield and Barkley Sound Reports

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  1. Matthias

    Matthias Active Member

    Anyone been to Swiftsure recently?
  2. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    Report is same as all above..slow for springs inside..a few were picked up at Kirby..and 1 down closer to Nook achovies at 45ft..
    No salmon..big fat 0... for us off shore out from Pachina.
    Moved on as to many yellow eye being caught..
    Found lings when we found the seabass..
    Weather was GREAT..a bit of light fog yesterday morning.
    Had to come home before the end of derby weigh today..
    Any one there this afternoon post up the results.

    Although it was slow for salmon it was still great trip again to Bamfield...hope its not my last trip due to "proposed" (ya rite) closures
  3. gotmoose?

    gotmoose? New Member

    Saturday was amazing at Rats Nose. Limited on Springs 8 in total 10 to 16 lb range. 5 hatchery coho. 2 Halibut and 2 large flounder. One of the best days I have had. Hardest part of the day was trying to get the last 3 hatchery coho and avoiding springs. We switched to pink squirt and red flasher in an attempt to continue targeting coho and the elusive sockeye ended up having to release 5 springs in the 12 to 18 lb range in the process. I have never done this before in my life. My 11 year and 15 year old boys had the time of there life. Biggest fish goes to my 11 year old who rapped his knuckles on a real big fish which he lost before catching this one. Anchovie, white needle fish and bacon hootchies green black white coho killers, skinny G herring and large green spoons. A day to remeber with my buddy and my kids. Good luck everyone.
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  4. At Ease

    At Ease Member

    Nothing Saturday. Picked up 1 keeper Coho at Swale Sunday (7 shakers) and lost two runners that I didn't get to see. Monday we fished Assets (2 Shakers) and only seen one fish caught. Assets was good for some on Sunday and Swale was good Monday. At least the weather was good.
  5. TenMile

    TenMile Well-Known Member

    Yes, was out there late last week. Very similar reports to the Rats Nose. Got there by 7am. 3 Hali's in the bucket by 830 along with 5 Pacific Cod. Put the rods down for springs and it was non-stop action for Coho. Couldn't get the lines down fast enough. Finally went with the biggest plug we could find down 150ft and still hit Coho on it. Likely released 30-40 fish over a 4 hour period. It was a riot. 3 Hali, 3 mid-teen Springs, 6 Coho and 5 Pacific Cod all by noon.
  6. John s

    John s Crew Member

    Offshore is still hot Lots of coho. And springs. Went to 7 mile on Tuesday am in the fog. 2 Hali , 4 springs ( low teens) and 4 coho back to the nook by noon. Looks like the springs are starting to move inside Swale and Kirby have been producing some nice fish.
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  7. Matthias

    Matthias Active Member

    Fished the sun/mon/tues. In summary, inside was slow, outside wasn't. On day 1 we managed to grind out 3 in the 20's, 2 teeners and a coho. Beale on chovies. Slow day with very long periods between bites..
    Day 2, started @ Beale again, one 25-er then headed offshore to get in on the non-stop coho action. We tried having some fun and threw the fly rod onto a rigger with a chovy and no flasher. 5 seconds later, BAM, huge take, buddy grabs his fly rod, and before he could set it the rod slipped out of his hand onto the cowling. Just before he made a heroic dive onto the engine, the coho took a run and we never saw the 6wt again. Funny now after the fact, but the boat was silent for a few minutes after it happened!!
    Got our limit of coho, Hali, short 5 springs between the 3 of us. We all loved that non-stop coho action.
    All in all, slower on the chinook side, but coho and hali were both very productive.
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  8. tubby

    tubby Crew Member

    Fished Mon-Thurs all on the inside, 2 days very good and 2 days slow/ok. Fished outside spots - Austin, Meares, Cree, Kirby, Edward and Sail. Only a couple over 20, most 10-15, most on lures - spoons or needlefish hootchies. Depth was variable depending on the spot but ranged from ~40-100ft. Some on bait but not the majority (but maybe its because I don’t like using it much....lol). Morning bite definitely the ‘best’. All in all I would say things are starting to pick up (relative to recent reports).
    Big morning flood tides coming by this weekend so it should be good!...?
  9. Strike Zone

    Strike Zone Member

    Some nice fish starting to show up inside the Sound. Got a 20 lbs Coho at Swale yesterday (Thursday). On top of 17 lbs and 14 lbs Springs. Then it was catch and release for Springs (3) ... Lots of fun for a lone fisherman :) coho.jpg 20lbs.jpg
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  10. richardp

    richardp New Member

    a coho with a black gumline...interesting!!
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  11. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    X2 if the larger fish in the first pic is the one being referenced, looks like a chinook, not a coho.


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  12. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    Congrats! The Tyee of cohos.
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  13. Strike Zone

    Strike Zone Member

    I knew there was going to be skepticism on that fish... This is a pic inside the mouth... Not perfect pic, but the best I could do under the circumstances... Look carefully, white gum, no teeth on upper lip... Was also verified by a few guys up there, and the verdict was unanimous, it is a coho ... I have it home if you want to check it out by coho1.jpg yourself, Thomas ahahah ( I'm just kidding) ...
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  14. kevind

    kevind Active Member

    beautiful fish and a biggy for a coho. Hope to be out at the nook with my buddy next week for a few days.
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  15. iFish

    iFish Member

    A couple years ago while fishing in Trevor Channel we boxed a couple springs, recorded them on our license... then on closer inspection and consultation we realized the same as you. We had some really big coho. I think they were around the 17# mark.
    Well done!
    We'll be out there in 16 sleeps! But who's counting! lol
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  16. fishspoon

    fishspoon Active Member

    I see a few black spots on fish s tail. not many spots on the whole tail. It s a coho. congratulations!
  17. Strike Zone

    Strike Zone Member

    Thanks fishspoon for your support... Appreciate it :)
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  18. fishbadger

    fishbadger Active Member

    Thanks for the report. See you out there for 7 days starting tomorrow afternoon, I'll be the other guy fishing bent metal solo!

  19. slaydown

    slaydown Active Member

    Awesome fish and thanks for the report, heading to casa de Nancy for 7days starting monday. I will try to throw up a couple reports.
  20. Finally

    Finally Member

    Well just on our way back from bamfield for an epic 5 full days of fishing from Sunday-Thursday. The three of us came back with possession limits of springs, cohos, and numerous bottomfish. We even found some halibut and lings on the inside.

    We went to 7 mile for a bit for the nonstop coho action on Sunday and Monday for late morning after the early inshore spring bites. Only picked up two springs during that time as you had a bite every 10 seconds from surface down to 200 feet. We would stop fishing after picking up our 6 hatchery coho.

    We were into 6-9 springs a day on the inside. Had some double headers. Lost three fish to seals and several broke the line or came off. Biggest landed was 26 pounds but lost some that seemed bigger. Morning bite was best on anchovies 35-60 feet with glow flashers and teaser heads.

    Coho was picking up on the inside the last couple days. Can’t wait to be back!
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