2017 Port Renfrew Reports

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    They aren't bonito. Seadna nailed it with Jack mackerel, which is quite different from the mackerel you might be used to. They are canned commercially and sold, so if you bleed them and ice them you might have some decent protein on your hands.
  2. chris73

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    The S shaped lateral line is the give away for a Jack Mackerel. Not good for salmon if they hang around in numbers and for long.
  3. Bordeau

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    I am going fish PR this weekend.
    How far off shore and how deep of water were you when you caught the Jack mackerel?
    If I want to catch salmon instead of these oily creatures, should I fish near the beach?

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    Port Renfrew Marina and RV Park Fishing Report

    Port Renfrew Marina Report Sept.28/17
    September 28th, 2017
    For Port Renfrew Marina a very quick update. Coho fishing is off the charts!! Get out here and get some, great weather will make fishing a treat rather than the rain fest we normally see this time of year. Seriously, there are so many Coho and just straight out in front of the bay at 400 to 600 feet of water.
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    Any reports from the derby this weekend.
  6. Bordeau

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    Fished the rocks at the mouth of the bay without success on Saturday. Moved off shore with the other 60 boats or so and picked up a hatchery coho and 3 jack mackerel. Lost a beauty at the boat. The bite was on for
    less then an hour, then nothing again. All our fish were caught using anchovies. No bite on spoons or hoochies. Great time. Will be back next weekend.
  7. Anybody having coho success at Pt. Renfrew these days?
    Going this w/e to see if we can catch some Coho.
  8. LukeSeawalker

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    Fished out front of Renfrew yesterday, threw the tackle box and chovies at em. So many small small fish it was very hard to find the larger ones. Managed 3 in the 6-8lb range. Depths we’re all over caught fish from 30-145 feet. Green coho killers were probly the best for us but everything we fished caught something.
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