2017 Bamfield Tuna Shootout

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  1. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    IMG_0253.JPG Registrations for The 2017 Bamfield Tuna Shootout is now open!
    The Shootout takes place from September 8th to 16th... if you have ever thought about chasing albacore in the BTS, this is the year!
    New format and rules are offering many chances to win as well as meet a great group of hardcore offshore enthusiasts. The derby caps at 50 boats.

    Check out the new website and hope to see a few new faces this year.

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  2. Birdsnest

    Birdsnest Well-Known Member

    What will the new rules and format be?
  3. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    It's all on the website posted ;).
  4. Birdsnest

    Birdsnest Well-Known Member

    I looked I saw nothing other than catch handling and safety.
  5. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    Just click on the rules and regulations tab. Don't click on the catch handling and safety tabs.
  6. Birdsnest

    Birdsnest Well-Known Member

    Got it!

    What is this rule about?
    1. Fish with a missing starboard longfin will be disqualified.
  7. Tidal Chaos

    Tidal Chaos Active Member

    I believe to stop boats from hi-grading fish throughout the tournament; they were removing one longfin last year to mark the fish so it couldn't be re-weighed on another day.
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  8. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    It's here!
    Last chance guys, we have approximately 20 boats with some great prizes.
    Lots of side action in addition to the main derby to keep things interesting.
    4 different meals included offering opportunities to talk and hang with other captains and crew.

    And....they're coming...
  9. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    Well I'm just finally get around to report on the shootout.. Before I start special thanks to Guy & Andrew for running the shoot out this year......
    Friday night was a great bar q at the Sea Beam..thanks Whiteside for the great burgers....OH the keg of beer that somehow got finished... the plan was for Gamechanger (Brad) and my buddy Al to fish the Monday weather window... Happens Trophy hunter snuck out on the Sunday with Brad & Guy 67 miles out and found 4 fish late in the after..the first fish to caught :) thank u guys .. This made the Monday trip a up beat day... Monday came and a way we went...


    Off the dock at the crack of light and the 2 1/2 hr run we go..starting just west of Barkley Canyon...

    ...Got out there dropped the gear and fished for 7hrs of not a bite..a little action when a big shark decided to take a couple turns on our gear... swing and missed..


    got t o say Bar Q chicken wing 65 miles off shore are mighty taste :)
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  10. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member


    A pretty nice trip and day 1 in books.. no strikes no errors.... man it was nice to be back in the blue water after missing last year... with the weather getting nasty for the next couple days it was reset time so we spent the next day in side fishing for a couple hrs. for the toothy bottom dwellers and found a few for the effort...
    20170911_183605_resized.jpg 20170912_143220_resized.jpg



    Weds we started at t he crack of 11:00 and we end up a whittlestone and yarded on a couple good springs 23 which was a epic battle of Brad verses the seal lion...and for once we came up on the winning end ..a 27lb spring and 11lb cohoe.. Nice to have some good fish around in the middle of sept for once....



    A good couple hrs of playing...
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  11. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    So Thursday look like a go...A good friend Mike P was able to sneak out for a day adventure & joined us for the Thursday with Brad grabbing him at midnight when he arrived.....

    Another quick 2 1/2 trip to where we left off on Monday hoping that some fish may have showed up.. just as we got there rodzillida'(Kelly and trent) our buddy boat spot fish in about the same area as before... quickly dumping the gear in the Blam..... there hereee :)


    Had to work for them but the number & we were working for the fish .... but there was jumpers bait birds .. Thanks Mike for everything u brought to the table we were able to pick up 9 for 11 fish.. swimmer tails small zukers we the item for us for the day.... 20170914_112605_resized.jpg



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  12. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    It was time to head in with the fish and weigh in.. a great ride home after catching fish...so much fun......no laughing on the way in... :)


    We had a couple good fish 33plus and a 32 plus..got us the lead for the day with all boat catching for the day.... To Bad Mike had to leave Thursday night... something about a dog :) :) Thanks for the day Buddy ..

    Friday was another dawn start:


    as u can see.. a really sweet run in the morning.. 2hrs 15 run :)

    It was great start.... the first hr we could never get all are gear out ..as we went 3 for 2 fish right out the gate... with one being another tyee tuna...figure it was going to be on fire...

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  13. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    As fast it was good it for us slowed right down ... Rodzilla and most of the other boys were loading up..... we were able to grind 1 more fish up.... 4 for 3 but it was a as always fun day....

    we fished as late as we could and had a sheet of glass run back at 28miles hr... sweet trip...

    Weight the fish in .. and we decide not to go the sat.. which was a go for weather..it was a weigh in day and it just didn't give us enough time to do the turn and burn day trip... so we loined out our fish and cleaned the boat up..
    so we waited the day out .. to see if we could hold the lead..As u can see brad had to save Guys sunglass that got drop due to some debauchery a couple nights before :) 20170916_133116_resized.jpg

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  14. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member


    20170916_180237_resized.jpg 20170916_180237_resized.jpg

    So thanks to a great crews Brad, Mike Al And guy we werte able to have a great week and fishing and pulled out biggest aggregate and largest fish :)
    Thanks to all the sponsors and Guy and Andrew again for a great event..... I'll be back next year.. 321 days to go.....


    I will leave u with one more picture... perhaps have brad explain this one :)

  15. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Great write up Deryk.
    Thanks for that.
    It indeed was an awesome time again at the Shootout and another wicked time in Bamfield and Barkley Sound.
    The organizers truly felt this was one of the best Shootout's to date.

    Thanks to Brad and Seaton at the Seabeam, PNT, Harbour Chandler, Lighthouse Lures, Breakers Marine and Suzuki, Gerry and Diane at Mills Landing, PSF, Wolf Brewing, Kevin and Marnie at Bamfield Mercantile and Marine, Brian at McKays, Big Coast, Trophy Hunter Charters, Rocky Point Charters, Ascent Helicopters, Tridyne Enterprises, Fifth Element Charters and all of the crews that attended and donated to the Shootout.

    See you all next year!

  16. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    It was a great one..weather wise, finding the fish and of course the debauchery was a whole lot of fun:cool:...looking forward to next year.......:D

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