2016 Campbell River Reports

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. bottom feeder

    bottom feeder Active Member

    2200 ???? really
  2. ThreePer

    ThreePer Member

    Where did you find that stat hambone? Seems high to me... But plausible....
  3. Gong Show

    Gong Show Active Member

    I agree, is that a DFO stat, where they may have extrapolated that all boats on the water have four people aboard that have caught their limits?
    If it is fish that were actually weighed in, the number is even higher, because we knew we were out of the money with our three mid teeners, so didn't weigh in.
    I think the estimated number of entrants was at 750, so if they all caught their limits that would be 1500 chinook.

    If you add in the shakers that were released, 2200 is way low!!
  4. Bear

    Bear Member

    Would there have been that many people fishing and killing that many fish if there had not been a derby?
  5. fishmate

    fishmate Member

    A little late w my reply. Went to Quadra to fish for 2.5 days over the weekend w a bunch of gals. Green can, Francisco and the Hump. Had a fabulous time. Active fishing. Lots of changing depths and lures to find a winning combination, but ended up w 12 spring and a hatchery coho. Littlest spring we kept was about 8 lbs and biggest was 23, (but not caught Derby day). Surprisingly often, we hooked up while reeling in to change lures or bc of a fish on the other side. Haven't seen such "shallow" fish in CR in years. Loads of shakers-hope that bodes well for future years. Uo to Telegraph Cove tomorrow. I'm in fishing heaven.
  6. Prawn Star

    Prawn Star Active Member

    Was there a DFO creel census taker at the weigh in site?
  7. Rainbrown

    Rainbrown New Member

    Anyone been north lately? Hoping to be up there tomorrow morning.
  8. Gong Show

    Gong Show Active Member

    Since we do not know where that stat of 2200 came from, or any reliable number, there is no answer to your question.
    I talked to many boats between Bute and Cape Mudge that did not have limits, my boat had three onboard for four fishers. We were shaking anything under 12 lbs.
    Too many variables to answer your loaded question, but thanks for stirring the pot!
  9. Bear

    Bear Member

    Just bringing attention to the destruction derbies can have when "sport fishing" becomes "fishing for dollars".
  10. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    I heard it from the guy at the fuel dock. I would think a fairly reliable source. I wasn't trying to stir the pot, but rather point out how impressive fishing can be in CR.
  11. Last Chance

    Last Chance Admin Staff Member

    There are some other groups right now "fishing for dollars" on the Early Fraser Fish, which are in trouble.
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  12. Trimtab

    Trimtab Member

    Fished the hump from 9:30 - 12:30. No springs but picked up a 25 lb. Hali. Yahoo. Lots of boats south of green can, had to have been pretty good there.
  13. Gong Show

    Gong Show Active Member

    Hambone, I was not replying to you with that reference, thanks for confirming your 'source'.

    It was to Bear, who should also realize and appreciate that the amount of money raised for the Campbell River Salmon Foundation will be greater than the prize money.
    An equal amount of money was raised for the North Island Transition Society, a very worthy cause.

    Fishing for dollars? Not likely, even if I won top prize, that would not have covered my annual costs to get out on the water.
  14. Bear

    Bear Member

    Raising funds at the expense of our natural resources is not a good trade. Sport fishing derbies are old hat and don't fit into our world today.
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  15. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Then get the limits changed.
    Don't forget something like 75% of salmon are enhanced and that takes funding...
    Bro, do you even fish?
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  16. Admin

    Admin Admin Staff Member

    Let's get back to reports in this thread...if you want to discuss derbies start a new thread topic.

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  17. Gong Show

    Gong Show Active Member

    Hit the green can on Sunday night.
    Pretty slow on the tide change and start of the ebb.
    Saw one small salmon netted.
    There were deep bait balls and feed showing on the surface.
  18. Tockeyetalmon

    Tockeyetalmon Member

    Any gone up to green sea for the high slack latley?
  19. ThreePer

    ThreePer Member

    Spent morning light through to lunch time at the green can to Francisco and couldn't wrangle a keeper. A couple hits and misses and a bunch of tiny little fish released at the boat but thats it. Might have to head up north this weekend. Or maybe East? Not sure. Maybe leave the rods at home and just take the boat over to the HBI and buy some fish and chips and a cold beer and call it a successful day!
  20. CVmike

    CVmike Active Member

    Spent the last week fishing up north. Slow fishing. Didnt hear of anything being caught. One shaker at greensea was the only luck we had all week. Lots of crabs though and unbeatable weather. And the porpoises put on a great show for us on sunday.

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