2015 Nanaimo Reports

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Sculpin, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. twogone

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    Well I have finally dusted the winter cob-webs off the boat, serviced the motors and hope to be on the water tomorrow. Yes, yes, I know, I have missed some awesome spring fishing but the honey do list is much much shorter. Is there anything happening in the Ladysmith area.
  2. Bait Ban

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    Fished Neck pt. early Sunday morning, not a sniff, no bait. Packed up, headed towards entrance and saw a boat net about a 14lb spring at the cannery. Set gear at 150 and 120, within minutes had a monster hit @ 120 which broke us off. Nothing else for an hour, so ran further out for a quick limit of lings. Saw a bait ball on surface getting attacked by gulls at the Fingers. Water full of scales, but no sign of the bait or what had pushed them up. Headed home for fish tacos.
  3. fraser5347

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    RE: Cannery and Lings

    Where abouts is the " cannery "?
    Where abouts did you go to catch the Lings? as my 12 yr old son is itchin to land a nice size Ling Cod.
  4. Hot Rods

    Hot Rods Member

    Anyone lose a set of prawn traps north of Nanaimo within the last month or so? There has been a float out off the mouth of the harbour for the past few weeks so we pulled it today. No visible name on the large orange Scotsman. Two stainless prawn traps with a lot of blue floating line attached. Appears to have been towed down here by a log tow. PM me if you think they might be yours and I will email you a photo for ID. Tried to post the photo here but can't figure it out...again.
  5. Bait Ban

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    The Cannery runs from Orlebar pt. on Gabriola to Tinson pt. Do not fish past Tinson, as it's the boundary of a Rockfish Conservation Area. Not about to give up my lingcod spot on an Internet forum; look for reefs that drop off into deep water, work the drop off keeping your gear near bottom.
  6. fraser5347

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    Hi guys, I am the one who asked about where the "cannery" was and where about's is a good spot for lings. I live in Lower Lantzville have a 23' Seaswirl Striper. We have been going to Port Alberni a lot lately cuz of the sockeye run, we have been limiting out every time :). My son watches You Tube videos of guys up in Winter Harbour catching big Lings and was hoping to find some around Nanaimo. Its a long drive and hard pull to Winter Harbour. So any help or advice would be really appreciated, thank you.
  7. Fisher Down

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    prawn traps.JPG

    Here's the photo Hot Rods tried to post.
    PM him to supply further info about the traps.

  8. Tightlines22

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    I lost two very similar set ups three weeks ago however it was near Thrasher. Each had 450' of lead line though so if anyone finds them please let me know. My scotsman were smaller as well.
  9. Bait Ban

    Bait Ban Member

    Come down to The Harbour Chandler. Ask for Moose.
  10. Irish Coffee

    Irish Coffee New Member

    Has anyone been out lately....this forum has gotten pretty quiet :(
  11. TipUp

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    I was out Wednesday night, picked up a nice 18# right near the fingers. Had a few more fish on to and I think we easily could have landed another 2 but can't get em all. Hits from 80-175 feet deep. Homeland Security spoon on purple haze w/ a green stripe. Beauty night, flat calm.
  12. Salty

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    I was out Tuesday and Thursday nights and had 10-15 undersized both nights, 2 were an inch or two under each time but nothing went in the cooler.
  13. About the same experience for us last night, + one coho.
  14. vanisland

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    Well with the lack of reports I just assumed fishing wasn't very hot. Out tonight for 2 hours for first time in a while. Had a decent coho or pink on just out past the fingers but popped off at the boat. Trolled in fairly close to the shore just off of pipers at around sundown and hit a beauty hog at 100ft in 140ft of water, thought I was going to get spooled it took out so much line! Caught with flash fly and green glow flasher. Weighed up at 25 after bleeding, pretty thin fish for the size. Should have brought my big net as I was solo so decided on the smaller one for ease of use, kind of regretted that when I tried to net this hog and it was twice the size of the net. Decent amount of springs and pinks coming in from Entrance and from around the fingers as well. Lets see some more reports here guys!
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  15. Olde School

    Olde School Well-Known Member

    Great report VI!
    I have a report that sox are off the Fingers right now also.
  16. I was out Sunday and Monday morning off the fingers. Sunday lost a decent sized Spring and limited out on pinks. Monday launched around 6am and landed a 15lb Chinook at 7 and a 20lb Chinook at 7:45. Both at 120'. Slowed right down after that and we headed in at noon.
  17. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    Too bad they aren't open
  18. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Details. details!!!LOL
  19. baddogg

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    I heard your freezer was already full of sox. :)
  20. Thanks VI. Tried in close tonight after no luck further out and got rewarded with a 22 lb spring.

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