2015 Gulf Islands Reports

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by tincan, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Awesome report Chasin Dreams,, love the pics.
  2. Chasin' Dreams

    Chasin' Dreams Well-Known Member

    Lol Fishin Solo. I like to eat good when out fishing. Makes the whole experience a bit better. Especially if I can do up some sea food straight from the water :)

    Thanks Walleye!
  3. Flatlander

    Flatlander Member

    Any reports for Salimanica point ?
  4. Hartbreaker

    Hartbreaker New Member

    Its been fishing well the past few weeks. Fishing anchovies in glow heads behind glow/uv flashers. Herring same setup and green glow spatter back cuddle fish hootchies. Best depth has been 117, but some days as shallow as 57ft we were whacking them. All dependent on where the feed is in the water column.
  5. Hartbreaker

    Hartbreaker New Member

    Should note, I've been doing better off the southern end of lions Islet. Just south of Salamanca.
  6. 4bouys

    4bouys Member

    Pursuit, Chasin Dreams, Benham 99 - great pics and posts! Thanks for sharing and getting some healthy fish and burger envy going.
  7. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha. Just checked in on this thread.....nice report as well CD's!!! Glad you headed "inside" on Friday when we were back and forth. ;)
  8. Chasin' Dreams

    Chasin' Dreams Well-Known Member

    Right on guys glad to share! Lots of fish out there for everyone we should all help each other whenever possible. I was at a fishing store today and was told that theres a North Vanc Fish and Game derby at Silva Bay sat and Sunday. I'll be out there tomorrow and Saturday. Hope to see some of you guys out on the water!
  9. TenMile

    TenMile Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm spending the weekend on Pender in Bedwell Harbour. I've never fished the area around Pender before and thought that if the weather and time cooperate I might head out for a few hours. Normally, I'm out around Oak Bay and on the west coast. Any recommendations for a quick rip out of Bedwell? I believe there is a bluff if I was to head to the right out of Bedwell and I've seen a few boats there. Any other suggestions?
  10. Benham99

    Benham99 Member

    Hey all … for my part … I'm more than ecstatic to be able to report success at a game I am still learning and I surely want to extend my thanks to all the contributors on these forums that are all about sharing the experience and the knowledge so that those of us that are fairly new to the game can make the transition to becoming "slayers" a little more seamless ………………… lol !!!

    All joking aside "slayer-ly speaking", I appreciate the information shared on the forum, it's helped me out big time in a relative short period of time.

    Gonna try to get into the "slaying" this weekend … looks like conditions will be ripe for the slay !!!

    By the way, the reports I view here are bitter-sweet. Sweet because I get all ramped up to get out there after seeing the catches reported, bitter because it pisses me off a little to see the catches others have had the same day that I might have come back with noth'n … lol.

    I'm guessing I'm not the only one with that frame of mind ?????

  11. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

    you will see me at thrasher, just look for a black lund
  12. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    You might also try Fairfax Point area on Moresby Island - it's a short run across from Pender Bluffs [fish between the white cormorant markings, close in and try looping out a few hundred yards]. At Moresby you can fish either side of the point depending on the tides - I've had best luck on the west side using coho killers or anchovy close to the bottom. Let us know how you do TenMile ~ good luck.
  13. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Well-Known Member

    look for the bird sh*t about in the middle of the bluffs, there's some obvious structure that comes off that section. Most guys will fish from bedwell harbour mouth to that bird sh*t section. Don't be afraid to rub your rod tips on the rock wall.
  14. vanislehunter

    vanislehunter Active Member

    Great evening on the water yesterday. I took my cousin and her daughter out for an evening lingcod fish. Had a fish on right away that the 8 year old reeled in, undersize. Then her mom got one about the same size to the boat. After this the tide started moving more and we lost a bit of gear to the bottom. Moved over to slower moving water and my cousin got about a 9 pounder. Decided to try for salmon for about an hour at but had no bites. On our way in I decided to stop at one more reef and hooked into a freight train of a ling cod. Put my ling gear to the test for a pretty epic fight. Don't have scales and I released it so there is no official weight but I estimate it was high 30's. Super fun but hopefully there was no nightmares induced by bringing that dinosaur in the boat.
  15. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Porlier Pass yesterday for 4 hours, lots of boats - didn't see any nets out and we were skunked as well. No birds, no feed and nothing showing up on the fish finder but another gorgeous day on the water.
  16. ZENYO

    ZENYO Crew Member

    Fished Thrasher for my first time this past week. Tuesday on a charter and we caught 6 between the 4 of us (1 undersized) and an over-nighter (saturday to sunday) on my own boat. My bro boxed 2 during the night fish on Saturday and 1 early afternoon Sunday. All three on anchovie @ 190'.

    BTW, Silva bay is a great place to stay and the restaurant has good eats!
  17. Crow

    Crow Active Member

    Late post

    Fished thrasher area on the weekend for lings. Got these around the reefs inside the marker. The largest was 106cm 26 lbs.
    Fished salmon for a while, but didn't do so well. Released one jack at 160' that took a green and yellow splatter back hootchie . Then there was the nice sprig from 200' that liked my anchoy roll, but didn't like it when the wife whacked him with the net.... Fish was so mad it screwed off with my stinger hook still in his mouth....

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  18. I'll be in the eastern gulf island area next week (for the first time) and would like to fish for springs. Are there ever any caught in the east pt/tumbo area? Looking at it on the map it seems like it would hold fish, but I've never heard anything about it.. or, is it better to head NW towards active pass or SW towards pender bluffs? Any advice appreciated!
  19. FisherTim

    FisherTim Active Member

    I lost an 8lb off the bluffs last friday, Green/Blue Coho Killer
    Today, I got a 12lb fish right off of Point Fairfax on Morsby, Gold/Silver Coho Killer.
  20. vanislehunter

    vanislehunter Active Member

    going to try Porlier in the morning. Have to be in by 10 so gonna try and be out there for the sunrise.

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