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  1. OnTick

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    Seem to effect the roll at all?
  2. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    They were approaching from behind to do a licence check and the line that got snagged was a Deep Six I guess I tripped it too early, it came up and hit the RHI bottom.
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  3. wildmanyeah

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    Naw it's still the same but i dont know if it entirely legal either. I know guys that use a treble for securing the anchovy but not many that use one as a stinger
  4. OnTick

    OnTick Active Member

    Only time trebles are mentioned is that they are allowed in certain areas. Unless I've missed something.

    Worth a try anyway..
  5. Randy waugh

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  6. ericl

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    I have always used a single Siwash on Hoochies - never missed a fish. I put the joint of the hook eye & barrel swivel right where the tassels start & I have the belief this allows the hook to swivel freely & aid the action. Treble hooks ruin the action IMO. You will catch a bunch of runts that you will just kill when releasing them. There are illegal in the US for good reason. I use 2 mooching/bait hooks with bait holders; front hook buried where you bury a treble & the trailer hanging free with the bend even with the end of the tail.
  7. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    Bait hooks? A pic pls.
  8. Ryan A

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    This little beauty has been great for me out front of Parksville...reminded me of my 602 plug I do so well with...# OGL161R Goldstar brand
  9. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Active Member

    602 was good for me last year at Kitty Coleman

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  10. Waterwolf2230

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    That's actually a 602UVBII (UV Body Irridecent Insert) and I agree, very productive plug, looks great in the water. Nice pic!
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  11. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Active Member


    I apologize for keeping it short! :D Lol. You are correct though, and it's also glow.
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  12. paulo

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    Getting back to the original concept of this thread, by the way some great stuff on here including the regs issue. Anyway, when I was a kid we fished Tsawassen and Point Roberts a lot. My go to was a Flashtail that I can't remember the make. It was a deep blue for one half and the other half was a dull red. Silver mylar body but it had a hard clear plastic head with eyes, (no red slash), and slight runs of red lines in the clear plastic head. This thing back in the pre down-rigger days with a 6 or 8oz weight behind a dodger was killer. Then in the late /70's or early/80's Babalos came out with their herring teasers. Interestingly enough the heads were clear plastic with red lines injected into them. The red lines I believe were to simulate blood. This particular herring teaser worked wonders as well. I called Babalos about them many years ago after they weren't showing up in the stores. he said it was just to costly to manufacturer in that way. Sadly they were either bought out or just went belly up. I don't remember. Perhaps someone else on here knows better. I have tried with the odd hootchie tying just a couple of strands of red wool where you might put a bead at the head, but have just started and not been running hootchies that much. Just thought I would add my two cents here. Tight lines all.
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  13. paguy

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    Where can a guy find that plug for sale.
  14. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

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  15. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Active Member

    Where are you located?

    On the Island Gone Fishin and Tyee marine both do. Cabela's should. I'm thinking the Tackle Shack at Pacific Playgrounds would as well.

    It's a pretty popular pattern.
  16. paguy

    paguy Member

    I'm in port angeles
  17. ReelSlim

    ReelSlim Active Member

    You can order direct from Tomic. Either check them out on line at Tomic Lures or give them a call. I have done both many times over the years...:)
  18. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    Never mind that plug.... nothing extraordinary about it other than price. Fish a regular 602 beside it and you'll do just as well.
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  19. Mako 22

    Mako 22 Active Member

    Yep. 158 and 602 have been good to me in the Port Angeles area. My all time high liner is a 4 inch 158. But I have been known to drag 6 inch tubbys and 7 inch regulars.
  20. Mako 22

    Mako 22 Active Member

    PA guy, I am in PA also. Been fishing this area since 1978.

    I have hundreds of Tomics in my collection.

    Years ago they were common in the PA junk shops but have dried up.

    I have purchased new direct from Tomic, from Seattle Marine in Ballard (you may order online, just received some 6 inch Tubbys from them) and I have found a few at the tackle shop at the Point Defiance Marina.

    Lots on ebay.

    The drawer below is 8 inches deep.




    Speaking of Hoochies:



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