2018 Bamfield and Barkley Sound Reports

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    Post your 2018 fishing reports here!
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    Happy 2018

    thought id dust off the thread , been a while

    fished 3 times over the winter , was fairly quiet at the end of Oct , Seal Lion show ( seems like more n more every year )
    end of November really heated up , lots of feeders from 3-8 lbs through-out the sound , easy limits ,
    spent the week there for New Years , fishin was excellent , Cathy n I were into 6-10 fish on most days , much larger now too ,
    had a couple in the high teens , most 6-12 lbs , they grow so fast , hot spots were Brady's , Flemming , Ellis Pt
    no need for bait , all on small spoons , greens , glows were all we pulled , think we trolled the same 2 spoons all week ,

    few shots


    thumbnail_IMG_0473.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0467.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0462 (1).jpg thumbnail_IMG_0342.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0329.jpg thumbnail_image1 - Copy.jpg
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