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Stay with the schools - when the salmon are on the move, Ole's Fishing Lodge moves into position to meet them. Ole's makes the most of their unique floating fishing lodge by moving it into the prime BC salmon fishing area in Hakai Pass. It just makes sense; if the lodge is close to the fishing action, anglers spend more time with their lines in the water instead of traveling.

World Class Fishing. Because Ole's Fishing Lodge is always located within minutes of British Columbia salmon fishing hot spots, Ole's have developed a solid reputation for world class BC salmon fishing for trophy Chinook salmon (Kings) and Coho Salmon (Silvers), Halibut, Red Snapper and Ling Cod found in the protected, un-crowded waters of the West Coast of British Columbia on the picturesque Inside Passage north of Vancouver Island.

West coast BC is remote and breathtakingly beautiful. Luckily, there are some places in the world that are still untouched and largely inaccessible. Many anglers have a desire for isolation so British Columbia's Central West coast remains the first choice fishing and boating destinations. Ole's Hakai Pass Fishing Lodge and salmon fishing grounds are accessible only by floatplane or boat so you don't have to worry about fighting off the crowds here.

Where the salmon are. The remote location of Ole's Fishing Lodge provides a true BC wilderness experience amid the spectacular scenery Canada is known for worldwide. Ole's is anchored in a secluded bay only minutes away from the prime fishing grounds. Typically, where you find the best salmon fishing you will also find predators and deepwater marine mammals of all descriptions. Bald eagles, Humpback whales, Orcas (Killer Whales), dolphins, sea lions and seals are also frequent visitors to these fertile British Columbia salmon fishing grounds so remember to bring along your camera.

All inclusive fishing trips. Ole's BC Fishing Lodge offers exceptional value with our all-inclusive 4 or 5 day fly-in fishing charter packages including private accommodations for individuals, couples, families or groups up to 24. At Ole's Hakai Pass BC Fishing Lodge we offer you a choice of fishing grounds, including protected waters close to the lodge or new fishing grounds farther afield. This makes Ole's a natural choice for a fishing holiday adventure of a lifetime for anglers of all levels of experience.

We do it all for you! During BC salmon fishing trips with Ole's Hakai Pass you will enjoy carefree days of fishing and fun “aprés fishing” activities. Everything is taken care of by our experienced, enthusiastic young staff. Fabulous food, world-class BC salmon and halibut fishing and genuine Canadian hospitality are what you can expect from this comfortable, clean, full service family run BC fishing lodge.

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