Duncanby Lodge

Duncanby Lodge

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Rivers Inlet is nirvana for the sport-fishing enthusiast. Here you’ll find Chinook salmon averaging twice the size of those found elsewhere on the coast. Watch the whales as they dance through the Inlet feeding on nature’s bounty. Catch a glimpse of the bears as they roam the shoreline in search of mussels or the giant halibut that swim right under the docks. Once the most abundant commercial fishing grounds in BC, it is now reserved for sport fishing enthusiast. Duncanby Landing, as it was once called, used to be the center of a thriving community where many locals came to buy provisions. There was a time when our docks were lined up and down with commercial fishing boats rafted 6 wide on either side. Today, our modern fleet of sport fishing vessels take their place. The property at Duncanby Fishing Lodge was also a logging camp, now reclaimed by its lush surroundings. You can still see the markings of cork boots worn by loggers on some of our planks that are generations old. The lodge opened in the summer of 2004 for those who share the thrill of hooking a monstrous Tyees on rod and reel in one the world’s most magnificent settings. 

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Orca's (Killer Whales) aren't always great for fishing but they sure can put on a great show!

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