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What a Year!

By Ole's Hakai Pass Fishing Lodge, 🕔Tue, Nov 8th, 2016


One can never predict the end result of any #fishing #year.  By its very nature fishing is a sport with #anticipation #excitement  and #skill , but it is far from something #guaranteed or it would be called #catching instead of #fishing.  

This season was the first with the water temperatures returning to normal after the el nino and warm pacific blob that altered the path, migration and spawning of all the aquatic species over the past two years.  We saw the salmon migrations move through different waters, herring spawn in far deeper, cooler areas than normal, crab desert their normal feeding grounds for deeper cooler areas and the effects on the larger marine mammals as well as the smaller shore dwellers dependant on the marine ecosystem as well. 

So too did the changes affect BC's coastal #fishermen over the last 3 years.  The #catch numbers were lower this past season for both #chinook and #coho and the #halibut remained further out and in deeper water than their normal habit.  The waters are still returning to normal with the ocean circulation patterns restored so we are expecting 2017 to be a great fishing year.  Regardless there were still some fabulous 2016 season catches...

After a very dry year in 2015 with many streams completely dry and spawning salmon needing human help and rivers and lakes very low providing limited spawning area we were glad to see plenty of water in the streams and creeks for the spawn this past season.

The chum salmon returned to Vancouver streams and rivers in record numbers this year and the streamkeepers  continue to improve salmon spawning habitat to ensure continued spawning for many years to come.

Can we predict the catch for 2017?  Well ... no ... but all indications point to an improved fishing year!  #tightlines 

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