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Westview Marina “ In The Heart of Nootka Sound & Esperanza Inlet”

By Westview Marina, 🕔Wed, May 13th, 2015


Mid May, 2015 Fishing Report

Esperanza Inlet

Nootka Sound

Mid May & Early June TIPS and Report: May and June are the months when those who understand the West Coast of Vancouver Island (WCVI) cannot wait to get to Esperanza and Nootka. Why? Because there are plenty of large Chinook and Halibut in close to the mouths of both bodies of water and no matter what the weather one of the two Esperanza or Nootka are fishable.  If the wind/weather is coming up Island fish Esperanza. Peculiar Pt., Arnold Rck Double Is, Rosa Harbour, Blind Reef and the world famous Ferrer Pt. are all solid locations for catching. If the wind/weather is coming down Island you can fish Nootka. Inside of Saavedra Inlands, The Lighthouse, Wash Rck, inside of Maquinna Pt., Beano and Callicum creek area all will produce Salmon in May & June.

TIP # 1: A properly rolling anchovy on a 6ft leader behind your favorite flasher is your best bet for hooking up Salmon. Time and time again boats will run hardware on one side and bait on the other side. Consistently the bait will out fish hardware. Why because ALL the hardware manufacturers are trying to imitate BAIT. “Think About It”

TIP # 2: GOOD TROLLING TIP. Have you ever wondered why some boats often get doubles while you are getting single Salmon hook ups.  While trolling, a common practice is to have the downriggers at different depths to cover more water. Usually as soon as a hookup occurs one person grabs the rod, the fish is on and the other person(s) start to bring the cannon ball up on the side with the fish. Then they start clearing the other line(s). Try this out to get more Doubles- move the rigger without the fish on it to the depth which the fish was hooked up at. Yes you have moved the 2nd rigger into the school of Salmon strike zone. You will be surprised how often as soon as the ball stops moving that the 2nd strike will occur. “Try it you will like it”

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