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This Week 4/30/2015

By Ocean Whaler at Duncanby Lodge, 🕔Fri, May 1st, 2015


Hello Friends of Duncanby the Old Ocean Whaler calling with the first this week of 2015.

Well its only 43 more sleeps till opening day on June 13.  Leigh the Crew and I are very excited. Its been a very busy off season for Logie ,woody and the construction crew. The new crew house looks great. The restaurant expansion and some other great surprises will be enjoyed by all. There are a few new additions to the fleet this year as well. We  look forward to showing them to you soon. Most of the Crew is back with us this year but as happens in life people grow up and need to move on. Leigh has handpicked some great new additions to the spirit of the Tie Dye crew. Our commitment to sharing the Duncanby difference with you will be as strong as ever. We do have a few trips with limited space left for this summer June 16-20 has 1 cabin, June 27-30 which is a special event being hosted By Hockey Night’s Jim Hughson with a 500.00 per person donation going to Kids Sport has the eagles nest and 2 cabins left, July 25-28 has one cabin left and the last trip Sept 1-5 has one cabin. Let us know if you can join us. The early season fishing reports around the coast are fantastic and it’s looking to be another incredible year at Duncanby in Rivers Inlet. Our opening day trip is our now annual Rick Hansen Rivers Inlet hatchery event. This event along with the support of many friends will result in the construction of our own hatchery and the much needed enhancement work that we fund each year. I will have much more to report on that vital work soon and a complete list of all the causes we are proud to support.

 Well its time to go for now. We wish you a tie Dye kinda day

 Ocean Whaler and crew standing by.

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