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The Tomic Terminator

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


Since 1960, Tomic Lures Ltd. had been manufacturing trolling and casting plugs appropriately called Tomic Lures. Originally designed for the west coast salmon industry, Tomic now produces lures for literally every fresh and saltwater sport fishery in the world.

In 1993, Tom Moss, the founder of Tomic Lures, began developing a multipurpose lure called the Tomic Terminator, which can be used not only as a trolling and casting lure, but as a flasher, enhancing the action of other lures or bait (anchovies, herring, strip, flies, spoons, hoochies). With its unique multi-thread through system, the Terminator can be fished at any speed, depending which of the three towing positions are used.

For a fast troll, the front hole will give the best action. When a slower speed is required, the third hole will give the best action. According to Tom Moss, "the Terminator is designed to swim, so if it starts to roll, use the hole closest to the nose".

If using the Terminator as a flasher, run the line form the top side (at the back) and attach a 35 lb bead chain. From here, attach a leader to your bait or other lure. Long leaders are not needed—12-30 inches is more than enough. Any longer than 30 inches, and the fish will not resist biting the Terminator instead of the lure or bait.

To change the appearance of your Tomic Terminator, hoochies may be threaded to sit on the back of the lure, with the tentacles hanging past the tail. This gives an extremely life-like squid presentation. For example, an Army Truck hoochy on an Army Truck Terminator may be used in conjunction with one another.

Proven all over the world, the Terminator is great for salmon, trout, halibut and many other species, making this lure a must have for every fisherman´s tackle box. The name of this lure speaks for itself. The Tomic Terminator is available in 4.5" and 3.5" sizes, and 17 proven colours. All lures are rigged with 25 lb test Berkley Big Game monofilament, and Eagle Claw Seaguard Single Siwash hooks.

For more information on the Terminator, contact Tomic Lures Ltd. at (250) 642-3214 or e-mail .

The Tomic Lure web site can be found at

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