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The Islander Mr2 Mooching Reel

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


A common thread lies among owners of an Islander MR2 Mooching Reel: many agree that this is one of the finest reels ever built! Once you try one, there is no doubt that you will come away with the same gratifying thoughts.

The folks at Islander Reels take their craftsmanship quite seriously, even against the strictest standards of today's manufacturing industry. One only has to look at the steps involved in putting a reel like this together to understand why so many people consider these reels to be a fine work of art first, and a great fishing reel second.

This premier mooching reel has won wide acceptance with those who accept "only the best". Introduced at the Miami's Sportsman's Expo in 1992, the Islander MR-2 won awards for the "Best New Saltwater Specialty Reel" and "Best New Product of the Show."

Many efforts go into the production of every Islander reel, including the MR-2 depicted here. During the design stage of a reel, Islander Reels implements a state-of-the-art CAD system. They then build prototype reels and thoroughly test them. Only when they are sure that they have a winner, will they begin the manufacturing process.

All of the Islander reels are manufactured from a special 6000 series of aluminum alloy using the latest in computer controlled machining centers and lathes. Components are machined from corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel or ultralight titanium and only the finest precision stainless steel sealed ball bearings are used. Every part is designed to withstand the abuse an actively used reel can be expected to experience.

The standard of craftsmanship employed in the production of Islander reels is meticulous evident. All of the machined components are manufactured by Islander Reels themselves, ensuring exacting standards. All aluminum components are hand-buffed to a mirror finish prior to anodizing. After the corrosion resistant black or gold finish is applied, each part receives a final inspection.

From this point on, you know have the makings of an Islander precision reel, that even the most discerning of anglers will not be able to resist.

The MR-2 is a classic example where the reel design needs of the demanding Pacific North West fisherman were met with exacting standards and true craftsmanship. The MR-2 is perhaps the finest mooching reel out on the market today. I have fished with the MR-2 for chinook salmon on many occasions. The most noticeable feature of the MR-2 reel is the precise balance of the reel. On a low drag setting or free-spool, the reel feels so smooth that it is as though it is driving itself, through a perpetual spooling effect. Implement the use of a one way cork drag system, it has perhaps the smoothest drag system found on any reel on the market. This reel is no doubt, one the finest mooching reels ever made.


  • Full frame construction with one piece spool.
  • One-way large cork disk drag system.
  • Face-side adjustable drag knob.
  • Stainless steel spindle.
  • Free spool operation controlled with a frame-side recessed lever.
  • Outgoing clicker on spool.
  • Reels available in either gold or polished black anodized finish.

To contact dealers carrying these products visit:

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