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The Halfback Nymph

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


HOOK: 1x or 2x long, size 8 to 14.

BODY: Peacock herl.

WINGCASE: Pheasant rump.

TAIL: Pheasant rump feather tips, tied down frome the wing case.

Some variations include adding gold or silver wire as a rib. Brown Partridge can be substituted for the wingcase and beard.

The Halfback nymph is one of the most versatile and effective British Columbia patterns. If tied thinly, it can imitate a chironomid. In larger sizes it is an effective mayfly, damsel, or caddis nymph. In very large sizes, it is an effective dragonfly nymph.

One of the most common way to fish the Halfback nymph in British Columbia's lakes, is to troll the fly near the bottom with a full sink line. When fishing the fly to imitate a specific insect, vary your technique accordingly. When using the fly to represent a nymph or chironomid, try using a floating, sink-tip, or slow sink line with a light leader/tippet combination. Use a hand weave or slow retrieve to mimic the correct movement of the emerging insect.

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