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Scotty's Lifesaver Whistle

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


When we take to the outdoors, it is often that we neglect to think of safety first. If you think of it, something as simple as a whistle can save lives. It is a fact that sound is the #1 factor in deterring crime and finding lost victims.

The new "Scotty Lifesaver Whistle" is a compact outdoor accessory that nobody should be without. This "loud" whistle (up to 118 dB) both meets and exceeds US Coast Guard and Solas regulations. According to Scott Plastics of Victoria, this is the "World's most advanced all-purpose safety whistle."

Attach this whistle to your keys, coat-zipper, life-jacket, backpack or child before going out on your next outdoor excursion.

If you look at all the features considered in the design of this whistle, you can quickly see the thought behind making the best safety whistle on the market. The ABS Plastic will not stick to your mouth in cold weather, and the newly designed synthetic peas will not absorb moisture or freeze. Clearing instantly, this whistle will not fail when wet. This double chambered whistle allows for multiple pitches, and comes with a convenient locking safety clip and lanyard. The large tooth grip allows for "hands-free" operation, while the lip seal prevents loss of air in extreme cold. The new Scotty Lifesaver Whistle meets all anti-choking standards for children.

For more information on the Scotty Lifesaver Whistle, and how to obtain it e-mail or visit their website at

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