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Scotty Electric Downriggers — A Primer

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


Every time the term "downrigger" comes to mind, I think of Scott Plastics. An innovator of the sports fishing industry and manufacturer of quality products, Scotty has helped fishermen all over the world make fishing easier and more enjoyable.

    1. Personal comfort and accessibility to rods and release clips. Awkward downrigger placement can contribute to losing fish, by making it harder to check gear, reach rods, or noticing bites.

    2.Personal safety needs to be looked at as well. Reaching over the side of the boat can be very hazardous during rough conditions. The easier and safer things are the more productive you´ll be as a fisherman.

    3.Bending and straining in awkward positions can not only increase the chance of throwing your back out, but aggravate previous injuries.

    4.Utilizing gunnel space, so downriggers can be stored while playing a fish or while at the dock.

    5.What size arms do you need on your downrigger, would a telescoping arm be beneficial? The longer the arms, the farther forward on the gunnels you can mount your down riggers and not be as concerned about lines tangling in the prop, or back of boat.

No: 1114 & 1116 Propack

The Propack is a total downrigger system, which comes with every possible option. Telescoping stainless steel booms from 30-60 inches, 2 rod holders, 16 position swivel mount, 150 pound test wire, power grip line releases. With the lowest amperage electric motor of any electric downrigger, only drawing between 5 and 12 amps, this powerful system can pull 20 pounds at 185 feet/min, or 7 pounds at 235 feet/min.

All of Scotty´s downriggers and accessories are made with high quality materials, such as stainless steel, and UV treated plastics, which keep up to the rigors of any hard conditions. Just to back up their quality commitment, Scotty includes a lifetime warrantee. The Propack is a total system which gives fishermen the option for one stop shopping and the comfort of knowing they have everything needed to outfit the boat.

When making the decision of which product is best for you, it is important to look at how you want to rig your boat to make your fishing-life easy and safe. Downrigger placement is one of the most important things to consider, for various reasons.

Scotty downriggers have reached the highest performance and reliability standards ever. Thousands of fisherman now enjoy the superior speed, power and years of reliability that only Scotty offers. From the custom designed marine motor to the final quality control tests, Scotty performance is unmatched in the industry.

Each Scotty Downrigger comes with the Scotty Limited Lifetime Warranty agreement. The best warranty in the industry is backed by 50 years of manufacturing know-how and unbeatable customer service.


  • New longer reach up to 60".
  • New Stronger 1 1/4" diameter stainless steel boom.
  • New Adjustable boom mounted rod holder (Dual Rod Holder on Propack)
  • A lifetime warranty downrigger with 50 years of manufacturing know-how behind it.
  • The fastest retrieve downrigger in the world. (see speed table)
  • More lifting power than any downrigger made. Power for extra heavy weights or for pulling out of snags, weeds, or kelp.
  • The lowest amp draw of any downrigger made. Less than one third the battery draw than some of the competition.
  • Full saltwater protection. All metal parts are stainless steel.
  • Full automatic hands free operation on retrieval. Stops at the surface, or any preset depth you want.
  • 250 feet of stainless steel premium downrigger cable.
  • Tilt up mounting plate.
  • Latest Scotty Power Grip line release.
  • Electric cord, plug and boat socket.
  • Downrigger fishing instructions booklet.

20 lb.

Retrieve Speed

235 ft./min.

222 ft./min.

203 ft./min

185 ft./min

Amperage Draw

5 amps



Popular among charter captains, the Scotty Propacks are loaded with every possible option you could ever need. In addition to all the features mentioned above, they also include:


  • Dual rod holders
  • 16 Position Swivel Mount
  • Two Power Grip Line Releases
  • Weight Storage Hook

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