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Saltwater Fly Patterns II

By Bill Luscombe, 🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


"Here is the fly that did. I designed it for coho. It is a cross between the Mickey Finn and the Yellow Bomber. I decided to design it because both flies were sort of working, but not really well. I tried it out and hooked 7 coho (landed 4) in less than 1.5 hours. It was a great day made even better by this fly." Bill Luscombe.


Eagle Claw L67 or L1197N size #6
Red monocord.
: 1/2 yellow bucktail and 1/2 red bucktail, shank length.
Yellow chenille.
Flat gold tinsel.
1 red and 1 yellow hen hackle, tied short.
1/2 red and 1/2 yellow bucktail tied streamer length (2x shank length even with tail).


Hook: Eagle Claw L67 or L1197N size #6
Thread: Light olive monocord.
Yellow chenille.
White calf tail.
Medium gold flat tinsel.
White calf tail.


Bill Luscombe has been hunting and fishing for most of his 42 years. He has been flyfishing for 20 years. He instructs flyfishing, and has done so for the past 12 years. He also instructs the federal FSET firearms course and the BC CORE hunter training course. He is an award-winning outdoor writer and has been writing freelance since 1987. He has been published in BC Sport Fishing Magazine, Outdoor Edge, BC Outdoors, Western Sportsman, Island Fish Finder, and the BC Hunting Guide.

Bill Luscombe was born an army brat and raised in Ladner (Delta, BC) where he was raised hunting waterfowl and pheasants. He presently resides in North Cowichan on southern Vancouver Island where he has lived and worked full time as a professional forester since 1982.

He presently works in Nanaimo for the BC Forest Service and continue to write the fly-fishing column for BC Sport Fishing Magazine as well as contributing articles freelance to various outdoor magazines in western Canada. Bill Luscombe is also a BC Director of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association.

"Catching fish is not hard. You simply need to understand what makes them tick. If you think like a fish, you will catch fish. It´s as simple as that." - Bill Luscombe

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