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Sage Spl Fly Rods

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


New from Sage, a leader in high-quality fly rods, is the "SPL" series of featherweight fly rods. Designed for fishing trout and panfish, these ultralight rods are perfect for the discerning angler who wishes the finest in light tackle. These 3-piece rods were designed with selective trout in mind as Dave Whitlock of Sage explains:

"I've always felt there was a great need for ultra-light fly rods; so when Jerry showed up last spring with prototypes of the SPLs, I was really excited. We tested and tweaked these rods for several days in all kinds of conditions. What amazed both of us was their ultra-ultra-light presentations-they could drop a small fly on still, clear water without a ripple. In the short to medium ranges they also delivered excellent loop control and line speed so you didn't feel like you had to muscle the rod. Intermediate and advanced anglers who want to play the 'master game' of catching the most selective trout, will respond to the performance of this new SPL Series."

The "SPL" fly rods are available in three different weights to match most all of the featherweight fishing conditions anglers face. Within each size range, anglers can choose from traditional reel seat design or the "Center Axis Model" which integrates the reel into the design of the handle. By integrating the reel into the design of the handle, the "Center Axis Model" creates a more balanced outfit, thereby increasing the control over the rod as Sage explains:

"By eliminating the traditional reel seat and integrating the reel into the design of the handle, Sage has created an ultra-lightline series that offers superior control, accuracy and sensitivity. This rod/reel combination relocates the mass of the reel closer to the center axis of the rod, adjusting the balance point so the angler doesn't feel the reel during the casting stroke. Essentially, the center axis design puts the reel in greater harmony with the hand for unsurpassed sensitivity in all lightline situations."

Below is a list of the available models, and the unique features differentiating each model:

*080-3 SPL
*080-3 SPL Center axis


The world's first "ought" line weight rod. Designed primarily for use with 7X and 8X tippets when using the smallest flies on the calmest, clearest waters. This is truly the ultimate ultra-lightline rod on the market today. The rod is also available in a "Center Axis" com- bination model which includes an inte- grated rod/reel plus Sage special fly line.

*181-3 SPL
*181-3 SPL Center Axis


A featherweight midge and dry fly rod. Small streams and ponds are the perfect application for this ultra-delicate rod. Designed for floating lines when using flies size 16 and smaller with 6X and 7X tippets. The rod is also avail- able in a "Center Axis" combination model which includes an integrated rod/reel plus Sage special fly line.

*282-3 SPL
*282-3 SPL Center Axis


This delicate rod was developed for fishing to wary trout in the tiny streams, small lakes and challenging spring creeks. Also used for panfish. A classic rod when using floating lines with light 5X and 6X tippets. The rods is also available in a "Center Axis" combina tion model which includes an intergrat ed rod/reel plus Sage special fly line.


To contact dealers carrying these products visit:

Berry's Bait and Tackle

Island Outfitters Sportfishing Centre

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