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Penn's Mariner Stand-Up Rod

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


Looking for a tough and reliable halibut rod? Then don't overlook the new line of Penn "Mariner rods" when making your considerations. These rods conform to Penn's standard for long-lasting durable construction.

Made from solid glass to withstand abuse, not to mention trophy sized halibut, these rods are specifically design to meet Pacific Northwest saltwater jigging specifications. Ranging in length from 5'6'' to 6'6'', the rods are designed to give the best possible leverage due to the elongated fore-grips, and short butt section. This feature is a must when choosing a proper functioning halibut or bottomfish rod. Once you've fished with this type of design, you'll never want to go back to any other rod design.

Another reliable and noteworthy feature, are the heavy-duty braced aluminum oxide "roller" guides and tip tops. With the common use of spectra lines for jigging, it is important to have guides that will withstand the friction and strength of these super-strong, thin diameter lines. For these new generations of spectra lines, "roller guides" are the best solution.

Other features include the following:

  • Cushioned foam grips
  • Gimbal butts with detachable butt caps.
  • Models 560-CHST and 660-CHST have machined anodized aluminum reel seats.
  • All others feature graphite reel seats with anodized aluminum hoods.

To contact dealers carrying these products visit:

Berry's Bait and Tackle

Big Fish Tackle

Fishing Pro Shops

Island Outfitters Sportfishing Centre

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