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PEETZ Outdoors collaborate with Duncanby Lodge for Custom Artist Series Fishing Reels

By PEETZ, 🕔Thu, Feb 9th, 2017


PEETZ Outdoors, a 90+ year old company that is known for handcrafting quality fishing reels, rods and unique tackle has teamed up with Duncanby Lodge for a custom Artist Series reel program to enhance Duncanby's Tyee Release Program. Duncanby is one of the most respected salmon and halibut sports fishing destinations in British Columbia, both for the famous Rivers Inlet tyee salmon and its exceptional amenities and service, as it is ranked as one of the best in Canada.

Duncanby will we provided with its own custom PEETZ handmade wooden Artist Series fishing reels. The design was made by renowned Kwaguilth master carver Jason Henry Hunt, each reel is hand carved, numbered and signed by Jason. The reel is titled 'Tyee Mother', as the design incorporates a representation of both the Duncanby Lodge logo and their release program. This is done in a radial design of a female Pacific salmon releasing eggs, illustrated by brass inlays. "It is truly an honour and privilege to provide a custom Artist Series reel for Duncanby Fishing Lodge. A large component of our own Artist Series initiatives center on salmon conservation and Duncaby's Tyee catch and release program aligns perfectly" states Marc Hoelscher, owner of PEETZ Outdoors. 

Duncanby Tyee Release Program:

Under Duncanby's release program, any guest that catches a Chinook salmon logged at 30lb or more has the option to participate. You can keep the salmon, or you can release it and receive one of these custom one of a kind 'Tyee Mother' reels as a gift. An exciting program such as this one helps give more of British Columbia's legendary Tyee salmon a chance to spawn. "PEETZ handmade wood reels are already a West Coast icon, and these Duncanby Artist Series versions feature beautiful, original West Coast art by a renowned First Nations artist. It's a winning combination and our guests would be proud to take one of these reels home to commemorate their catch and their adventure at Duncanby," states Sid Keay, owner of Duncanby Lodge.

About Duncanby Lodge:

Located in Rivers Inlet on British Columbia's breathtaking central coast (GPS 51'24'16.63"N,127'.38'43.69"W), Duncanby Fishing Lodge features outstanding lodge facilities, a fleet of top end fishing vessels ranging from 22ft to 28ft, and a dedicated team of eleven professional guides. The lodge hosts guests from all over Canada, the United States and Europe seeking a world-class West Coast fishing experience. For more information, visit

In addition to its sport fishing operations, Duncanby Fishing Lodge is actively involved in salmon conservation. Along with its Tyee Release Initiative, the lodge works with a number of hatchery programs in Rivers Inlet, and in 2016 opened its own salmon hatchery, the Percy Walkus Hatchery, in partnership with the Wuikinuxv Nation. The hatchery offers a comprehensive salmonid enhancement program that includes stock assessment, stock enhancement, habitat restoration and optimized salmon release programs. For more information, visit

About PEETZ Outdoors Limited:

Established in 1925, PEETZ Outdoors has been crafting high quality fishing reels, rods and unique tackle for generations of passionate West Coast fishermen. Located at 2740 Rock Bay Avenue in Victoria, British Columbia, the company honours the guiding principles of its founder, Boris Cecil Peetz: uncompromising quality, extreme durability, and a lifetime guarantee.

PEETZ famous fishing reels are produced in limited numbers by hand using traditional methods. Over the last nine decades, the artisans at PEETZ Outdoors have created more than 250,000 reels for salmon and halibut fishing, and the company has embedded itself into the West Coast fishing culture from California to Alaska. For more information visit

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