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Normark's Rattlin' Rapala

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


To every angler, it is especially important to recognize lures that have proven themselves effective over time. The lures we are referring to are the time-tested designs that year after year continue to catch fish. These are the very same lures that find themselves in the top tray of one's tackle box, rather than mixed in with the hodge podge of forgotten lures in the bottom of the box. We often discover them by accident, through word of mouth, or by recommendation from someone who knows. But on quality remains consistent with the time proven designs--we instill confidence in them and use them because we know they work.

One such lure is the Rattlin' Rapala by Normark. Since its introduction over ten years ago, the Rattlin' Rapala has built a reputation as a consistent producer of bass everywhere. A tournament winner and long-time favorite among bass anglers, this lure continues to out produce a good number of other crankbaits.

Besides the many attractive finishes available, the Rattlin' Rapala is perhaps best noted for its loud and erratic swimming action, at either slow or fast rates of retrieve. Also the Rattlin' Rapala can be vertically jigged without hook fouling and has a great falling swimming action. The result is a winning combination that is known to elicit strikes from even the most discerning fish. An exceptional lure.

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