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MYO 3 Headlamp

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


MYO 3 Headlamp with dual light sources: Xenon halogen bulb + 3 LEDs

Specs :
• Maximum range 100 m (Xenon halogen bulb), 15 m (3 LEDs)
• Supplied with spare 6 V Xenon halogen bulb
• Operates with 4 AA alkaline batteries (included).
• 137 g (without batteries).

The Myo 3 is one of the most versatile headlamps available today. Featuring two light sources, one a Xenon halogen bulb for maximum brightness, and the other, an LED light, for extra long battery life. While the xenon halogen bulb is exceptionally bright, I did find it to be a battery hog though, burning through four AA´s in a little over 2 hours. If you plan on night hiking be sure to bring extra batteries.

The beauty of this light though is that the LED´s will turn on even if there isn´t enough power to turn on the Halogen. LED lights are extremely efficient with battery life exceeding 150 hours. I´ve found on the river the LED´s throw ample light for tying on flies or leaders but because they don´t project a beam you will be far less likely to spook the fish. With the extra long battery life you don´t have to bother turning it, on and off all night.

The LED´s don´t really affect your night vision either, especially when your buddy looks directly at you while wearing one. This really becomes obvious in camp, if you have ever spent time in camp with a couple of people wearing halogen headlamps you will really appreciate the softer light thrown by the LED´s. I was able to cut wood, tend the fire, make dinner, all by the LED´s. I found the only time I turned on the halogen was on the trek back to camp after staying on the river a little too long (especially in Griz country) or for a midnight trip to the outhouse.

When in bear country we´ll often hang the headlight out side our camp with the LED on to provide a nice camp light (makes it easier for the bear to find the sausage I kicked under my buddies tent) This light is the most comfortable light I´ve worn. The low profile lamp design doesn´t bounce at all and the rear battery pack balances it out nicely.

This lamp stays snugly in place even while running or cycling, again adding to its versatility. Older headlamp designs were prone to bouncing up and down during strenuous activity. The straps are easily adjusted to fit a wide range of head sizes as well as climbing helmets. Opening the battery pack can be a frustrating affair until the proper technique is used, take a loonie out of your pocket and insert it into the groove and twist. It can be opened, without the use of a coin, or knife but you will probably give up too, after a couple of minutes of trying. (Update: Petzl has addressed this issue with an inline change, the new design is much easier to open) If you are in the market for a new headlamp this light is worth a serious look.
****1/2 Highly Recommended

*-Save your money
**-Will work in a pinch, but better available
***- Overall good quality and design, decent value
****- High quality materials and construction, years of service
*****-Cutting edge and worth it. A leader in its category

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