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Jim Hughson and KidSport

By Duncanby Lodge, 🕔Wed, Jan 13th, 2016


“Fishin for KidSport “ July 9-12 2016 at Duncanby Lodge

There is a wonderful simplicity to the growing organization KIDSPORT . Through the work of volunteers and without costly administration it simply raises money then grants registration fees so needy kids can play sports. So when you make a donation you feel sure your money is getting to the kids .

Simple as that!

It’s the uncluttered philosophy “ So All kids can play “ that inspired me to get involved and Leigh and Sid Keay of Duncanby Lodge to champion the cause. So once again this summer Duncanby will team with KIDSPORT for a fund raising fishing trip on July 9th- 12th and we’d love you to join us and go “Fishin for Kidsport”

Your part is simple too! Sign up for the trip then fly up to the most popular lodge in one of the most beautiful places on the west coast. For every booking on the trip Duncanby will make a donation to the White Rock –Surrey kidsport chapter.

Last year our first cast at “ Fishin for Kidsport” raised over 15 thousand dollars and pushed yearly fundraising to its highest level yet.

Over a short four years White rock – Surrey kidsport has raised nearly 400 thousand dollars and put over 1500 kids on a field of play. Still the applications for help continue to grow .

So give yourself a treat. Enjoy a world class West Coast wilderness adventure and make our world a bit better place . Help Duncanby make a donation “ So all kids can play “.

It’s simple really ! So c’mon up to Duncanby this summer and lets go “Fishin for Kidsport “

Jim Hughson

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