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Gamakatzu Hooks

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


Fresh-out on the marketplace are the new fluorescent Gamakatzu beak hooks. These colorfully painted hooks are sure to become a large success in British Columbia. Gamakatzu hooks have already been a favored choice of many anglers in British Columbia based on quality and reliability. Owing to the tradition of "sticky" sharp hooks, Gamakatzu has introduced some flair into its line-up with the addition of these new hooks.

Three bold fluorescent colors are available to the angler--fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, and fluorescent chartreuse. These beak hooks are excellent choices for either freshwater or saltwater anglers looking for that added color advantage or enhancement.

The hooks are in keeping with all the standards you would expect from any premium, machine sharpened hook; extra sharp, great hook setting, and superior strength.

The hooks are currently available in four sizes, ranging from size #1 to #3/0. Also available for the freshwater anglers are assorted 20 packs. The assorted packs come in four hook sizes, size #2, 4, 6, and 8.

These hooks are sure to gather popularity for many angling interests in British Columbia, including trout, salmon and steelhead fishing. Try trolling these hooks by themselves for sockeye salmon. A single painted hook trolled slowly for sockeye salmon, has been a proven technique. Since sockeye salmon are plankton feeders, the painted hook provides a very realistic imitation of the plankton.

To contact dealers carrying these products visit:

Berry's Bait and Tackle

Fishing Pro Shops

Island Outfitters Sportfishing Centre

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