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Fishing report June 28/15

By Morning Magic Sportfishing, 🕔Sun, Jun 28th, 2015


Fishing continues to be stellar on the West Coast off Ucluelet whether inshore along the beach or offshore out at Big Bank, if you can get out there.
The last couple days we have been fishing on the beach as there have been pretty big seas offshore as well as afternoon wind. Looks like the same weather for the next few days as this extreme high pressure continues into next week.
Good numbers of Chinook up to the 20lbs, some days bigger average and other days smaller average but most all of the guides are getting their fish as well as guys with their own boats.
Coho are also starting to show up both offshore and inshore, Check the regs on DFO's website as they have changed from last year.
Hatchery coho only outside the surf line which is a mile from shore.

Good luck and be safe out there.

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