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Duncanby Lodge helps Kidsport

By Duncanby Lodge/Jim Hughson, 🕔Mon, Apr 13th, 2015


Besides travelling around North America watching and broadcasting hockey games two of my interests and passions are much closer to home.

There’s nothing I like better than floating around on the water or being a floater on the dock at Duncanby Lodge. I’m also involved with the South Surrey / White Rock chapter of Kidsport , and its night of champions , so when Sid called from Duncanby with an idea to combine the two I was all in.

Sid offered a donation to our Kidsport chapter for every booking on a trip to Duncanby starting June 27th. We put some radio ads together and started to send the word out and before we could scream “fish on “the trip was SOLD OUT.

So thanks to those who jumped on board, you won’t be disappointed.

I wouldn’t call myself an avid fisherman but I love Duncanby and Rivers Inlet. The Lodge its character, the staff and spectacular sense of being where so much of what you see has always been as it is. It’s also a pleasure, and a testament to Duncanby and its staff, to run into so many friends who keep coming back.

Kidsport is one of the simplest yet effective community support groups we have today. It raises money, with little overhead, to pay for registration so kids can play sports. Simple as that and even those who live in what we might consider affluent communities would be surprised at how many families need help so there kids can play.

So thanks to those who so quickly made this trip to Duncanby extra special. I’ll look forward to sharing some hockey and fishing stories overlooking one of the most beautiful places on the west coast

See you when we go “fishin for Kidsport” and in the meantime tight lines and may there always be blue lines on your ice.

Jim Hughson

PS: I've always thought Tie dye was the perfect Kidsport uniform !

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