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Biggest Fish Caught Sport Fishing In B.C.

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


A huge 7' halibut was landed by two lucky anglers from Sacramento CA. while fishing at Langara Island, located at the north western tip of the famous Queen Charlotte Islands.

Doug Lavallee and Frank Prigley had heard endless stories of the trophy salmon and halibut fishing to be had in the islands referred to locally as the Charlottes.

After two days of limiting out on 30 to 45 lb. ocean-bright chinook salmon, they decided it was time to try for trophy halibut, something unavailable in their home waters. Their anticipation built as the Union Jack skipper Bob Jordan instructed them on the proper location, tide, technique and depth before heading out to the famous Langara Lighthouse.

Doug and Frank started their drift at a depth of about 100 feet and drifted twice to about 160 feet, before retrieving their jigs and moving back to their original position. Doug was using an eight ounce led head jig with a white scampi tail on 130 lb. test line. On the third attempt, Doug felt a sudden pull and his rod doubled over, "initially I thought I had bottom and I tried to pull it off with all my might when all of a sudden the beast ripped about 20 yards of line off the reel, almost pulling me over. I knew now this was a big fish and sat down, put my feet against the gunnel and started pumping the rod. I pulled till my arms shook and when I would get 20 feet of line on her, she would take it right back. It took about a half hour before we could see the beast below the boat". Meanwhile, the spear was tied off to the skiff and Frank stood poised knowing he had one chance and one chance only. He hit it perfectly, and the 7' halibut immediately tried to sound and Frank yelled, "I can't hold on". I replied to Frank's despair by answering, "Let it go--it's tied off!" At this point, the fish instantly pulled the 180 degrees and for about 20 yards.

The fish was too large to bring aboard, and so long that for twenty minutes Frank and Doug frantically tried to get a rope around its tail, before calling over Neil Goodwyn, the Union Jack guide who helped gaff, tie and secure the tail to the stern while tying the head to the bow and bleeding the monster to subdue her for the ride back to the weigh scale. The fish was both too large and too heavy for the weigh scale, so the now exhausted anglers waited patiently as Bob Jordan professionally filleted the fish and weighed the pieces individually. The scene was tense as the carcass and head alone weighed in at 150 lbs. When the monster's fillets were added to the final tally of 320 lbs., it completely surprised everyone to know that a new B.C. record for the heaviest halibut caught on rod and reel had been broken. In the words of Doug Lavallee, "This is a dream come true with one problem---I now have to figure out a way to come back".

Westwind Tugboat Adventures has 24 years of customer satisfaction and are true to their motto "Follow the Fish". They move daily, fishing the hot spots of B.C. keeping anglers at the right place at the right time.

For more information on this one of a kind adventure contact: Westwind Tugboat Adventures at (1-888-599-8847).

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