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Berkley's Fluorescent Flame Green Fireline

🕔Mon, Mar 21st, 2011


Adding to the large success of Berkley's release of their unique unifilament technology is the new Fluorescent Flame Green Fireline.

Building on the superior strengths of FireLine, the top-selling no-stretch line on the market today, researchers at Berkley have developed a process known as "molecular permeation", which provides consistency in the fluorescent green color throughout the body of the line.

Because the new Fluorescent color is not a coating, but is actually included in the chemical properties of the line, the Flame Green color is "locked in", allowing for color retention unmatched in the industry. Fluorescent Flame Green FireLine is the only superline on the market that is able to produce color throughout the line.

Flame Green FireLine provides incredible visibility above the water. It also fluoresces in sunlight and blacklight situations, yet become nearly invisible under water, where ultraviolet rays and blacklight are automatically filtered out. Whether you're vertical jigging in sunlight or blacklight fishing at night, Flame Green FireLine is designed to fit any application.

As with the original Smoke Fireline, this new line will deliver all the same features which made fireline so popular over the last year and a half. FireLine, according to Berkley, "is a thermal filament fishing line made from MicroDyneema, the world's strongest fiber. In laboratory tests, MicroDyneema delivers a strength advantage of 28% compared to Spectra fiber and 15% when compared to Spectra 2000. FireLine is also superior in toughness and abrasion resistance, making it, size for size, smaller and stronger than any fishing lines previously on the market".

Fireline is now available in 4 to 80 pound test covering the entire fishing spectrum. The addition of the 50 and 80 pound test to the line-up, now allows the ardent saltwater angler to explore its qualities in big water conditions. Fireline comes in 125, 300, and 1000 yard spools.

To contact dealers carrying these products visit:

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Island Outfitters Sportfishing Centre

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