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2015 Salmon Report at Westview Marina "In the Heart of Nootka Sound & Esperanza Inlet"

By John, 🕔Tue, Feb 24th, 2015


NOOTKA SOUND/ESPERANZA INLET    FISHING REPORT – for the Future and 2015 Salmon Season

LIKELIHOOD of an El Nino- Fishers and Oceans Canada (DFO) and NOAA are both predicting a weak El Nino (warmer water in the Pacific) over the next two months. Then a weakening of the system to a ENSO-neutral conditions (normal water temperatures) thereafter.

What does this mean for the fish and fishing? Survival and returns of Salmon off the West Coast of Vancouver Island (WCVI) are historically directly related to cool water temperature which then produces higher abundance of zooplankton (food for salmon fry). Which in turn causes higher growth and survival in salmon fry and other species.

So it is GOOD News that the water temps will cool to normal temperature ranges in April, May & June when most salmon fry are leaving the rivers & streams migrating to the salt. Which is very GOOD News for the future of Salmon fishing in our area.



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