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    We have made a few changes at ZurTro Lures that include:

    - New website and all new product pictures
    - Improved shopping cart and option for credit card purchase
    - US and International orders
    - Tiered shipping rates for US customers (still FREE within Canada)
    - New fishing pictures section (work in progress)
    - New fishing videos section (work in progress)
    - New customer feedback section (work in progress)

    Feel free to send us your ZurTro fishing reports, pictures, and feedback to info@zurtrolures.ca

    You can visit our new website at http://www.zurtrolures.ca


    ZurTro Lures
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    I have added some new pictures to the site in the Fishing Pictures section.

    These are 6 of the test patterns that we will be fishing soon. Not all of our test patterns make the lineup but a few of these are sure things.

    Names are up for grabs if you think of anything good.

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    New spoon now available in the 334 size: Pilchard

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    Pilchard available in the 512 size now too.


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