ZurTro Lures Update & 2012 Pre-Orders

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  1. Business Time

    Business Time Member

    ZurTro Lures Update & 2012 Pre-Orders

    We have started production for the 2012 season and we are offering a 20% discount for all Pre-Orders. Pre-orders will be available until early March.

    A few changes for this year are:
    - More patterns available in the 314 size: starting with the Rosco and Money.
    - Faster shipping: starting in mid March the website will show the available inventory for each spoon and orders are expected to ship within 48 hours.
    - New patterns: starting later this year.

    We are looking forward to another great year!


  2. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    Could you decode the size for us.
    314 means how many inches?
  3. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    314 = 3 1/4"
    334 = 3 3/4"
    512 = 5 1/2"
    It is on the first page of there website
  4. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    On the website it's 3 1/4 inch
  5. Business Time

    Business Time Member

    The 314 is 3-1/4"
    The other sizes follow the same naming process.
    If you have any other questions please fell free to contact me either here on the forum or through our website.
  6. Labman2

    Labman2 Active Member

    Time to plug Nathan!
    Last year, I ordered several lures from him.
    Unfortuanatly, Canada Post went on strike, which delayed delivery, then when they did arrive the package had been damaged and a few of the lures were missing! I don't know about anyone else's experience with C.P., but I have never been able to get anything covered by them, plus the Lady that runs our little post office is well versed in stating "It was poor packaging". As it's up to her descrection, you can never win, believe me I have tried on several occasions with packages from ebay, which looked like they were kicked from the U.S. to my box!
    Long story short, Nathan volunteered to replace the missing lures last July, even though I told him it was alright, and has since sent me an email informing me that the lures would be replaced in the near future!
    That's customer service above and beyond in my mind!!!
  7. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guy's for the info.
    Would a 314 be the same as a coyote 3 1/2 or would the 334 be a better match.
    Sure would like to get off my communist china habit.
  8. Business Time

    Business Time Member

    Coyote sizes are:
    #3.5 = 3"
    #4.0 = 3.5"
    #5.0 = 3.75"
    #6.0 = 4.5"

    So the ZurTro 334 is the same size as the Coyote 5.0, and the ZurTro 314 is in between the Coyote 3.5 & 4.0

  9. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    Thanks BT.
    Will be shopping in your neck of the woods next month and will look at your spoons for this years tackle.
    Or might just contact you and place order direct when ready.
  10. burnsy22

    burnsy22 Well-Known Member


    Have you tried running your spoons without using the swivel on the end? Does the new 3 1/4 come with a swivel as well? Just curious.

  11. Business Time

    Business Time Member


    All our spoons come with the swivel attached and I always keep the swivel on.

    A few years ago when I was testing the spoons I did try them without the swivel. I prefered the swivel attached and haven't gone back.


  12. Business Time

    Business Time Member

    Update #2:

    A new spoon size will be available this year: The 458 (4-5/8"). More info coming soon.

    3 more patterns are available in the 314 size: Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, and Red Dragon. (Available online as pre-orders now)

    Also, production is coming along nicely and the Harbour Chandler will have a few hundred spoons near the end of this month or early March.

    Pre-orders are available until the end of this month.


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  13. Business Time

    Business Time Member

    The Harbour Chandler now has ZurTro spoons in stock. Rosco, Money, Solid Green, and 50/50 Blue.

    More Rosco and Money coming this week.

    Pre-orders will start shipping in the next week and website orders will be available again later this month.

  14. Business Time

    Business Time Member

    More Rosco and Money delivered to The Harbour Chandler this morning.

    ALL pre-orders have been shipped. Thanks to those that pre-ordered.

    The 314 and 334 sizes are available on our website now www.zurtrolures.ca and the 512's will be available soon.


  15. firelight

    firelight Active Member

    The wife was in nanaimo last week so I got her to go the the chandler and pick up some spoons. Tried out the rosco 334 today in Renfrew since I do well with cop cars. 5 hits turned into 4 to the boat, 2 keepers biggest 29". No hits on the white hootchie on the other side.

    Can't wait till next time and will want some 5" soon too.
  16. Business Time

    Business Time Member

    Nice work firelight... glad you like them.

  17. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Still in business ?
  18. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    Just another trending spoon mfg co. Probably not a whole lot of money to be made in a limited market
  19. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    saw a couple of Zurtro spoons in Harb.Chand. last time I was there two weeks ago......but they were "bottom-of-the-rack" displayed now.....and only a couple of colors...

    haven't heard anything about Zurtro for ages now.....
  20. abbyfireguy

    abbyfireguy Active Member

    They made great spoons that stood up to lots if abuse.. Still have many in my tackle box that work well. Sad to see good quality builders disappear. But, there is lots of time and effort needed to be put into the manufacturing if you build them yourselves. Tough to compete with the slave labour off shore factories..

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