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    Thank you to all our customers for making this year a success so far.

    The recent Canada Post strike has unfortunately affected our business and order shipments.

    All orders have now been shipped. While we were clearing the back log of orders we have marked our spoons on the website ‘out of stock’.

    To improve our service we are changing the way orders are painted and shipped.

    We will be pre-painting all our spoons. The website will show the available stock for each spoon and once orders are received the spoons will be shipped within 48 hrs.

    We have also had numerous requests to add the Rosco and Money to the 314 size. We will be adding these and a few others to the 314 size soon.

    Thanks again for your patience and continued support.

    ZurTro Lures
  2. Peahead

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    Thanks very much Nathan - got my order yesterday ! They look very fishy ! I was hoping for the rosco to be made in the 314 so that is excellent.
  3. Labman2

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    Finally got most of mine yesterday also, the package had a tear in the side. When I complained to the woman at the post office, she gave me the same answer she always does, "It is my opinion, the item was not packaged right"!
    Every time I have had problems in the past she has said the same thing and it goes no further!!!!!!!!!
    The lures do look great!
    Well except for the 334 Island Sunrise, the 334 Purple Haze and the 512 Green Dragon, they're the ones missing!
    I HATE CANADA POST!!!!!!!!

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